How to build your Website – Part 2: Creating Content

Hopefully you’ve got through Part 1 building your website framework and started to publish some content.  Hope your also following the keyword formula to get the most out of SEO.

Creating content is by far the most important thing you will do of the next couple of years to get the most out of your website. Without content, you don’t have an audience. Without and Audience, you don’t have web traffic. Without web traffic, there is no income.

Content is king

If you’ve never created content, it can be scary, nerve racking and difficult. Like riding a bike, if you don’t start peddling, you never learn.

website content writingIf you followed the steps in How to find your niche post, you should have 50-100 ideas on what to make content on. If you haven’t done this step, please read this post and complete the stepped tasks. It is essential to have a list of things to write about.

Content comes in many forms audio, pictures, video and writing. Video is quickest way to get your message out to the world. The concern that most have with video is confidence in front of the camera and ability to look or sound like an expert in their chosen niche. If you got the gift, do it. For the rest of us, writing is where we will concentrate.

Writing is one of the oldest and still very effective way of getting your message across. The benefit of writing is a great way of articulation and the benefit of linking important information while also re-routing of traffic to concentrated areas.

Forming an article becomes easier the more you do it. Creating a structure for each post will help you create captivating content. I’m going to take you through my process and how I create content through brainstorming and writing structure. My way may not be best for you but if you have little writing experience as I did, I’m sure this will help.

Get it on the page

You can use any type of word processing program like Word or Google docs or you can type right in to WordPress. Just make sure whatever medium you use has built in spell checker and how to write good content for websitegrammar checker. You can also use a great note taking apps.

Step 1: I want you start writing down some of the topics that you will discuss on your interesting article.  For the moment, don’t worry how strange they sound, just jot them down on the page. The more the better as you can remove them if they don’t work.

If you selected a niche that is a passion of yours, then you should have no problems getting some ideas down. A little web research can help you get your idea juices going. Just remember, don’t get caught in the research wheel and your content should be unique.

Step 2: Create your structure of your article. In the simplest terms, you need to make and outline:

  1. An Introduction to the topic
  2. Subjects or focus points about the topic. This can information, problems, answers, techniques. This is the meat in you sandwich
  3. A Conclusion to your topic

Step 3: Create headings for your article with keyword research. Using the keyword research tools >>found here<<, you tailor make you headings to maximise Search Engine Optimization for this post. Search engines are going to love your keywords.

Step 4: Start writing the story. This is where a lot of people get stuck. They believe they have to write a certain way. I say, write like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Make it sound natural and don’t get too technical.

These 4 steps will have you punching out meaty posts. We are going to aim for about 1000-1500 words. Don’t stress if you can’t reach that, just keep creating content.

Make em’ look pretty

Once you have curated you content for spelling and grammars, paste it in to a WordPress post and start to format it.

Step 5: Use the WordPress formatting tools to make your headings H3 or you preferred style, bolding important words and adding segregation lines if need be.

Make sure text and colors selected are readable. Please don’t use yellow text on a blue background. The human eye struggles to read this and so will your audience. Black print on white background will work fine.

Step 6: Add relevant pictures to your post. Pictures are super important to make your post look nice, break up the text and are another way to boost SEO on your post.

When you add pictures, ensure you add keywords to the alt text field of the picture (see video below). Keyword linked to picture can be very important to driving traffic to your site.

One last note on pictures, when you add them, view them as a post on your computer and a mobile device as it look different when published. The pictures may be out of whack if not placed correctly.

Step 7: Start adding links to your article. From here you can add external link to other sites, internal links to some of your other related articles or product reviews. Try not to add a direct affiliate link in the article as this may slow down your SEO as search engines don’t like affiliate links.

Step 8: Add video if relevant. I love watching a relevant video when reading a blog. I don’t leave the page and get more entertainment from the post.

Video also may help the user further understand the subject/s. This could be a great way for you to get I front of the camera, but if don’t like this, just add in a related YouTube video.

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Don’t stop making content

I hope this guide was helpful for you to start crunching out content. Just keep posting more articles. Don’t worry if they are good or not. You audience will tell you.

Creating content will become more natural and quicker as time rolls over. A couple of years ago, this post would have taken me 4 hours. Today, I wrote this article in an hour. Practice makes perfect.

Parts 3 & 4 four of the Building your website series are just around the corner where you learn to jazz up the appearance of your site and create more social engagement.

How to build your Website – Part 1: Basic website framework for WordPress

Build a free wesite

Hopefully you’ve been reading all my other posts and signed up to get your free website here. If not, you better get moving and check out this quick video on how easy it is to set up a website.

What I want to run through in this article is how to set up your basic frame work for building your website so after that you can concentrate on making content. As much as I love to mess around with aesthetics of my sites and other cool widgets or plugins, content is what is going to drive traffic to your pages.

Difference between Posts and Pages

HOW TO BUILD A WEBSITEBefore I continue, I thought I better explain the difference between posts and pages. Once you’ve built your site, in the menu dashboard of your site, you’ll notice ‘Posts’ and ‘Pages’. These are both webpages in which you can add content but with some differences.

Posts are typically made for a blogging format. This mean post can be ‘categorised’ for easier searching and display.

The second thing about posts is that they are designed for you audience to add comments at the bottom of your article. This is very important if we want to grow traffic to your website.

Pages don’t typically have a comments sections and can’t be categorised. This is good for some main pages where you wouldn’t want anyone to comment like Privacy policies or disclaimer pages.

Pages can be set in hierarchy under parent pages which makes it easier to set them under menus in your website.

You will learn to use both posts and pages for your site but you will mainly use posts for your content. Let’s get started to build your frame work.

Some Basic Setting first

Once you’re in the Dashboard of your website, go to the Settings tab of the menu and select the General tab in settings.

Add a site Title and Tagline if this has not been done. Tagline is optional and can be added at a later date if you can’t think of one straight away.

Next go to the Discussion Tab of the Setting menu and ensure ‘Comment must be manually approved’ is ticked. This is important for the reducing spam or unwanted comments in your first few months of blogging.

Lastly, go to the Permalinks tab in the Setting menu and ensure ‘Custom Structure’ setting is selected with available tag of /%postname% selected. This will ensure that the web address of each web page is the same as the page or post heading. Very important for SEO.

best WordPress Setting for blogging


About You Page

Should I have a picture of me on my website?When people come to read your great articles, they are going to want to know more about you. I prefer to do this is as a page, not a post as I’d like this to always appear in my menu and I don’t want many to comment.

Depending on the angle of your website, it should be a bit personal as you want to show some authenticity to your audience.

I would start the page with a greeting and introduction to your website. The people want to know why you have built this great site. The purpose of your site adds to your authenticity.

A background story always helps and the more personal it is the more connection you’re likely going to have with your reader. Don’t get to personal but make it relatable to your audience and your niche.

Lastly add a good picture of yourself so readers feel more connected to you and can put a face to lovely content you’re going to create.

Now I get these questions a lot, “Do I need to put my name or picture?” Or “Can I use an Avatar?”. This is completely up to you but, authenticity is extremely important to have a trusting audience.  If your building a brand, the brand is going to show true colours on your sites and social media.

Privacy Policy and Disclaimers

These important documents should be added as pages. These pages are for legal reasons but also to make your site more trusted.privacy policy template

A Privacy Policy is a statement that discloses all the ways a party gathers, uses, and manages a customer or client’s data. It fulfils a legal requirement to protect a customer or client’s privacy.

You can see my Privacy policy for an example and there a heaps of Privacy Policy templates available on the web.

A website Disclaimer is used to state the limitations of your liabilities to other that use your website. These are normally general purpose but can be more directive especially in place of affiliate marketing.  There are also heaps of free disclaimer templates available on the web to utilize.

Both these pages shouldn’t be displayed on the main menu. If you do, have under a parent page in the menu so the only display when the reader mouse hovers over the parent menu item.

If you put this in a parent menu, make the About you page the parent. If you’re like me and don’t like to put these in the main menus, move it to a side bar menu or a footer menu.

One last thing with these pages, if you have All in One SEO plugin, set these pages to not get indexed by search engines.

If you got stuck on these tasks, see this video to help.

Brilliant! Your framework is complete. Now what?

If you still have a Sample Page and the default Hello World post, delete them straight away. Next you can add more pages if you have anything that should appear in your main menu. This could be an intro page on how to best use the website or a get started here page.

After this, starting writing posts. You need to write like crazy and get all those thoughts captured on to posts to share with the world. Share and get feedback from your community.

>>>>>Go to Part 2  – How to Create Content.

Don’t worry about menu structures, side bars, footers and other aesthetics like logos. We’ll cover this later in parts 3 and 4.

How to find the best keywords for SEO – the keys to your online success

keywords for SEO

best keywords for blogsThe story of how you likely found this post may have started in a search box. Those few simple words, questions and thoughts typed away and ENTER… here you are.  There is a bit of science to it, also some tactics and I want to show you how to find the best keywords for SEO.

With billions of search phrases and words, it’s just mind-boggling how much information is on the web and how fast we can find the best related content of our choosing. Search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Facebook and YouTube do a terrific job of categorising content which is done with keywords found in titles, content, meta information and meta tags.

One of the core components of making it in online business is to get your site to hit that first page of search listings. This is not just dependant on keywords, but if your site is young, selecting strategic keywords could be the key to helping you rank in searches.

How to do effective keyword research

No doubt you’ve found your niche and you have your article ideas rearing to go. The are many ways of arriving with a list of keywords to suit your content. Like choosing anything online, make a big list a work your way down.

Start off by making an inception list of heaps of keywords that fit your content. Jot down what’s in your mind first then start the firsts step of research by:

Google it: Use Google and other search engines to type in the key phrases or words and review what your competitors are using. Run through the first few pages and jot some ideas down.

Product and Brands: Searches products and brands if you are promoting. This is a great way to find alternate search terms not just in a brand, but competitors brands and products.

Check the competition: See what the competition is using. Look at the 5 top searches in your keyword or phrase.

Soovle through the words: No that’s not a typo, Soovle is very cool free tool combining different search engines from Bing, Yahoo, Amazon, Goolge, Wikipeda, Youtube and which quickly spit out an instant search.

best keyword search tools

Expand your horizons: start looking at related search terms. If your using Google, scroll to the bottom of the page and capture the best related search terms. This could make the keyword phrase more unique, have different competition or open your niche to other traffic sources.

Slurp though your soup: use the alphabet soup method to open the range of keywords available. This can be achieved in Google by changing one of the words in your key phrase with different letters. See this video example for a better explanation.

One last thing I’d add here is too make sure your keyword is relevant to your content. Don’t try to fool people to come to your content if its unrelated. You’re audience will diminish and so will your authority within search engines.


How do I choose keywords for SEO

Once you have list of wide ranging keywords, you need to optimize them so Search Engine Optimization comes into play.

The most popular keywords are what search engines will raise to the top of their list and that’s where we want to be. Unfortunately, with top ranging search terms come with high competition.

If you have a well-developed website with regular flow of traffic, you can stand a chance to hit the first page of the searches.

If your site and content is still young, you may want to go for lower competition words which aren’t as popular. You’ll have a better chance of ranking higher in the chain.

How do you check keywords for popularity and competition?

There are heaps of keyword tools available out on the market and all have different features. I’ve used many of them but seem to return to these 2 effective tools:

Google adwords for keywordsGoogle Keyword Tool: If you don’t have a Google Adwords Account, you’re just not serious about keywords. Google Keyword Planner offers a great free platform to view monthly traffic on search term and a very rough guide on the competition.

The thing I like a Google Keyword Planner is that is show the suggested bids for paid SEO on search terms. This is valued on what everyone else is paying from them so you know they’re working for someone if the rates are high.

What I don’t like is the way they range competition with a Low, Medium or High rating. It’s not an very accurate measure and is just a general guide. But what do you want for free!


best keyword toolsJaxxy Keyword Tool: Jaxxy is one of my favourite keyword tools out there. It is not just detailed and accurate, it gives you a whole host of added features like:

  • Built in Alphabet Soup Search
  • Save List of Keyword Research
  • Search History
  • Search Analysis of Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • Site Rank

My favourite feature about Jaxxy is its detail for popularity and competition which has helped get my sites to the front page of search engines.  With this detail I can strategical pick the best search terms for my posts, pages, pictures and videos.

This is a paid program $19/month for Pro or $49/month for Enterprise. It’s a small investment I pay to get high ranking sites.

You can trial a free Starter account that gives you 30 free search terms and access to some of the great inbuilt tools.

>>>Get your free Jaxxy Strater Account  and try for yourself<<<

Implementing keywords into a website for success

Completing your research and analysis, you should have excellent keywords ready to be added to your content. How can you use keywords to get the most out of SEO?

Page or Post Name: You the keyword logical phrase in your page name and your permalink if possible. This will be a starting point for search engines to index keyword placement

The key to making this keyword phase successful is to also use it once in the first few paragraphs of your post. This is because search engines scan your content and the first few paragraphs are most commonly scanned.

Don’t Repeat it too often: Don’t use the search term too often in your content. This can affect your chances of grabbing a high rank as some of the SEO algorithms don’t like this.

Instead use related search terms when inserting keywords and phrases elsewhere in you content.

Picture get searched too: Always add keywords and phrases to Alt text in your pictures. This meta data is also scraped by Search engines and can generate incredible traffic.

Keyword Headings: Create some logical heading with keyword phrases. These can also be related keyword terms that you found during your research. Just because the keywords aren’t at the top of your content, doesn’t mean it won’t rank.

Start generating your keywords today

I hope you found these basic tips useful for finding your best keywords. This space is vast and fluid so you have to stay on top of your game with what’s available and latest algorithms for search engines.

Keywords are powerless without the best analytical data you can get and proper placement in your content. This is such an important part of developing your traffic and audience. So, make sure you find the best keywords before you publish.

Do you have any favorite tips for picking successful keywords? Please comment below.

Why blog comments are important – how to get more interaction

Why Blog comments are important

I can’t comment enough on why blog comments are important. See what I did there. No seriously, if you’re building an online presence, interaction with your audience is important on just about any platform.

If your using a blog as your central content store, then comments on your posts are key for your tribe to give you feedback and drive traffic to your site.

Only a low margin of your readers takes the time to stop and leave you a drop of gold or some constructive criticism. I’d guess about 1% or less on most of my posts.

Now not all comments are built equal and there 2 sides to every story. Let’s dig into why you should know the importance of commenting.

Just some comments on the benefits

Audience interaction – connecting with your audience is a key to building relationships, trust and getting honest feedback. You can’t grow your brand in the right direct without these.Do comments affect SEO

The interaction with your audience helps also gauge the quality of your content and type of audience you have built. This is also a stepping stone into knowing your audience and adjusting your campaigns to suit.

Search Engine Optimization  (SEO) – the second reason you should have comment engagement on every post is that search engines are looking for subscriptive commentary. They want to see action on your site if they are going to rank it.

If you want to build authority with Google, Bing and Yahoo, you better have some visitor interaction.

Backlinks – When you leave interesting comment, you also get the opportunity to leave your website link for someone to come directly to your site. This is called Backlinking and it’s another great way to attract more visitors. Don’t leave an opportunity like this on the table. Add your link with every comment you make.

I’m here for the comments – Do you just get stuck on Facebook or Twitter reading through the top liked comments on a massive post. Secondary communities can be built in your comments. It’s another opportunity to build relationships, add affiliate links or backlinking to other useful articles on your site.

The dark side of comments

are blog comments a waste of timeNot for the time poor – Some large blogs and businesses have made the call to turn off their comments as its too time consuming. I think this is a good problem to have if you can drive enough traffic to your site without comments.

If you’re trying to get your site of the starting line, you need to invest this time in the comments or look for other ways of driving traffic to your site.

Get heckled on your own page – Only happened once to me but it was clear that the individual was a bit of a troll with low self-esteem which I tried to help him with. Luckily, he is now a regular visitor to one of my sites and turned out to be friendly.

You have the choice of moderating this negative view, but use them as learning from your audience. Just remember, you can’t make everyone happy, so don’t get down in the dumps if it happens to you.

Spam – Luckily there are algorithms and plugins to reduce spam comments for entering your site. In the first period of starting out, you should moderate every comment. Once your established and have found the best plugin to work for spam, then you can lose the moderating.

My tips for great commentary

If you are leaving comments, give honest feedback and constructive responses. This will not only make you look more professional to other readers, but allows a level of engagement by the blogger that will be rewarded.

If you have really dug into someone’s post, you normally end up with questions. Leave them in your comments. This gives great substance in the comment section and SEO for user engagement.

Leave comment that have your readers coming back. Use this conversation to learn more about your audience and ask them questions too.

how to get more comments

How to get them back in the comments feed

By default, WordPress comments doesn’t have a way of notifying users when their comment has been returned or replied to by someone else. This could leave questions in limbo and loss of interaction from readers.

You can add a subscription option to your comments and there are a few plugins which work well. I’ve been using Subscribe to Comments Reloaded which is free and takes almost no set up for basic use.

This plugin will give the reader the option to subscribe and receive an email when their comment has been moderated or replied too.

This tip will have readers coming back and interacting on your posts.

Here is a quick video on how it works.

Hope you enjoyed these tips and of course your comments below are required to make this post live up to the expectations.

Best of success with your comments.

Best Niches for Affiliate marketing – How to find your niche?

most profitable niches

In my earlier days of affiliate marketing, I asked a friend what’s the best niche for affiliate marketing? He responded, “The ones that makes money”.  Now this ear grabbing comment got my attention, but when I started grinding his comment in my mind, I started to reverse engineer this answer.

  • Is it profitability of the niche programs?
  • Is it the audience size / type that makes it profitable?
  • Is it the high traffic in the niche which is making it more profitable?

What I can say that every selected niche can be profitable if researched right, but there is so much importance on your passion to create content in this niche.

Using your uncontrollable desire is the key for you not only to select a niche that is interesting to you, but will make the process of helping others and creating captivating content much easier. It will be the content that will carry your site, blog, brand or new business to make money.

Finding your niche is simple process at a high level:

  1. Identify your passion or interests
  2. Research it for profitability and sustainability

There’s a bit more detail when you break it down. Let’s crack away the shell and look inside.

Step 1: Identify your passion

Do you love fishing, dogs, books, tech gadgets, fitness, health or sex? These can all be profitable niches. There truly is no limit, if there you have an interest, you’ll find something.

I find interests in the types of books I’m reading, the YouTube videos I’m watching, the blogs I visit, what I like to do in my spare time (if I have any) and what I could talk about all day if I had the chance.

What if you have many interests but don’t know which one to pick?how to find your niche

If this is your first niche and you have too many options, cut them down to 3 -5 favourites. Just because this is your first, doesn’t mean you won’t use all these niche ideas in the future on your second, third or many sites.

Also, don’t get worried about getting it wrong, we are going to research each niche to ensure it’s a fit for you and your business.

If one of these niches fits best with your life mission or purpose, that is green light to progress to researching it. Passion + Life purpose = motivational and fun to do.

If your interest is something like worm farming or lawn maintenance and you are thinking, this is not going to be a profitable niche. Stop the negative thinking and just write it down. You be astonished the audience you can attract to these niches.

What if you can’t find an interest or just don’t have a passion?

When I was stuck in niche limbo, I got my credit card statement and highlighted everything that I purchased that was in my interest. With health being one of my interests, I noticed how much I was spending on supplements and health gadgets.

I thought, if I’m spend all this money on this stuff, I bet there are another million people with the same interest spending as well. I already now so much about these products from research and testing which makes me an expert in this niche.

Many get stuck trying to find any niche. Here are some other things to do to identify some interests:

Niche puzzelWhat are you good at? Sharing your skills and associate products to these skills. Find where you can bring unique value to the table.

Check your web browser history. See what you have been researching in the past period. You may already be an expert.

Check out categories in some of the main Affiliate market places. Browse what other people are needing to get promoted and something may spark your interest.

At the end of the day, get 3 niches on your list as a minimum. Don’t always look for high paying commissions if you are in Affiliate market places. Feel the interest on what you would buy.

The big 3 that people most search for which are emotional attached that include Romance, Health and Wellness, Money and Wealth. Are these saturated on the web? Yes, but this just means competitions is high.

If it’s your first niche, stick to what your passion is and stay away from the big 3 unless this is where your interest is.

Step 2: Research, Research, Research!

Don’t buy the domain just yet. You’ve found it and ideas are flowing out of your ears due the excitement. Great, write them down and get onto this step.

If you’re in this for the long haul, you might be working in this niche for years to come, so you want to sustain motivation and ideas.  The key to researching is looking at the niche from different angles as well as sustainability.

This step can take a day to a week. It is worth it. By the time you have finished the research, you’ll have the building blocks for your journey.

Look at the competition

Research the 5-10 top influencers in your selected niche. See what you like and what you can do better. Don’t worry about saturation of the market, this means nothing if you have good content, SEO and individuality.research your niche

Doing this process with show you how your competition presents content, what kind of content is out there and how they promote affiliations.

Find merchants in your niche

Without things to promote and review, there is no profitability in this niche. If there is nothing to sell (which is normally not true) or low profitability, this is the time to decide to try one of your other top 3-5 niches you selected in step 1.

It is very rare that you cannot find sub niches that are profitable in the same space. So, try to open your mind and search many different merchants before you give up.

When you look at merchants, don’t join any paid programs yet unless they have free trials. We are still testing the waters before you take the plunge.

Make a list of content ideas

Write down as many content ideas as you can. 50 – 100 is the goal because this will sustain your first year of content creation.  More ideas will flow as you start working within your niche and finding your audience.

Now if you can’t get to at least 40 content ideas, I would consider going back to the drawing board and looking at you top 3-5 niches again.

Content IS king when it comes to driving traffic to your site, videos or social media. Don’t start without it.

Create a piece of content

Write an article on one of your ideas. See how it feels. Did it feel great to get it on paper?

Read your article to yourself, how does it sound. Get friends to read and get their opinion if it helps. If you’ve got no-one to read it, send it to me and let me review for you.

If the process of creating content feels good, the market in your niche is profitable and this is something that’s your deep passion, you have a winner. The next steps are building your website and learning the ins and outs of a successful affiliate marketer.

>>>Checkout the training platform which taught me about niche selection<<<

how to find profitable niches

Did you find your niche in a different way or have any other tips on how find a niche? Please add your comments below.

Backing up your WordPress Content

Just about all good web hosting platforms will provide backup features in case there is a horrific fault with the hosting server or one of the latest updates on your site has broken something.

What happens if the back up from your hosting service doesn’t work. Are you going to lose months or years of content that you’ve poured in your valuable time to?!

backup your wordpressWhy should we backup and what are common causes of WordPress Failures?

In the world of software, it just takes a line of code to have a kink and the program doesn’t work. Thankfully WordPress has come a long way of the past years and I have found it super robust.

There are a tonne of third part themes, plugins and programmers which can all effect lines of code not working the way it should. But here are some of the main causes.

  • Update of latest Theme not compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Update of plugin not compatible with latest version of WordPress
  • Internal Server Errors which can cause Corrupted core files
  • Fatal Errors from Auto Upgrades
  • Tampering of Editor files by a non-experienced user

What’s the Plan B (B is for Backup of the Back Up)

There is a really simple way to make a quick back up of your content. Now this back up doesn’t save the following:

  • Themes
  • WordPress Settings
  • Plugins

These all need to be re-installed once you have restored the content. But this is small price to pay if your main back up doesn’t work. At least you don’t need to retype every post.

This back up technique is a very simple export function and I hope you never have to use it. There are more premium ways to backup your site like using BackupBuddy or UpdraftPlus but they come at cost.  This is a quick and free way to get back on track in an emergency. I’ll run through the premium versions a bit later.

How to quickly backup your WordPress Site

  1. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  2. Write down your theme name and plugins for later
  3. On the left-hand side menus select Tools > Export
  4. In the Export menus page, make sure ‘All Content’ option is selected
  5. Click on the ‘Download Export File’
  6. A file will then download to your PC. Save it somewhere safe.

How to restore your website

  1. Install a fresh version of WordPress
  2. Log into your WordPress dashboard
  3. Install the theme your preferred theme
  4. On the left-hand side menus select Tools > Import
  5. Select WordPress Install in the option and run the importer plugin
  6. Run the importer plugin
  7. Choose the back file
  8. Select Upload and import button
  9. Then Install plugins
  10. Redo any other setting that you had previously

Here’s a video run thorough which shows you these steps.

How to Backup in Style and without any hard work

If you want a more automated backup, there are some great WordPress plugins which make it simple and to backup website

BackupBuddy brought to you by iThemes is a comprehensive backup plugin. BackupBuddy’s backup includes everything needed to run your WordPress website. Backup all WordPress files, all files in the WordPress Media library, your WordPress themes and WordPress plugins, and more. Once BackupBuddy completes your backup, you get a downloadable zip file of your entire WordPress website.

If you want a great all-in-one deal, then UpdraftPlus is another great backup plugin. UpdraftPlus simplifies backups and restoration. It is the world’s highest ranking and most popular scheduled backup plugin, with over a million currently-active installs. Backup your files and database backups into the cloud and restore with a single click.

Backup into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 (or compatible), Rackspace Cloud, DreamObjects, FTP, Openstack Swift, Updraft Vault and email. The paid version also backs up to Microsoft OneDrive, Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SFTP, SCP, and WebDAV.

Hope you are inspired to back up your WordPress site more often.

Affilorama Review 2018 – Is it legit?

is affilorama legit?

Just need to start your journey online and need to learn the basics? Finding a place where you can get trust worthy content and lessons on how to make money online. Well this Affilorama Review 2018 may just be what you need to hear.

Is Affilorama a scamName: Affilorama


Price: Free to join, $1, then $67/month

Other Costs: $97, $197, $997

Owners: Mark Ling

Overall Rank: 79 Out of 100

Affilorama Overview

Affilorama is a website company that is designed to teach you how to make money online mostly via affiliate marketing.  The New Zealand based company was founded by Mark Ling in 2006 and has grown from a small forum to over 500,000 members and regularly updated training platform.

Their goal is to provide step by step training for aspiring affiliate marketers and help them succeed with each members’ business.

Affilorama has been named in Deloittes Fast 50 growing companies twice and holds many other awards in business.

The Good

Does Affilorama work?So much free content: Even on the free membership, they give away so much free content and free lessons. It worth just signing up for that. The free lesson will cover topics such as

·         Affiliate marketing for beginners and how it works

·         Market Research

·         Keyword research Tools and tips

·         SEO Competition and Analysis

·         How to create content

·         Basics of building websites

·         Marketing idea

·         Too many to list

Support: The support within the platform from Affilorama staff is second to none. You get support from their worldwide team very fast and they even have a support phone number.

Experience with getting you off the ground: If you follow all the training and invest in their additional programs, you will have a great foundation for success to an online income. The AffiloBlueprint program is a proven system that is a full proof plan to success.

Can affilorama work

The bad and the ugly

Learning platform just off: Although there is so much great content and lessons, I didn’t like the way the program was layout. It seems to miss a strict progression for a beginner and a low sense of achievement compared to other affiliate marketing courses I’ve done.

Community lack: Whilst there is a community with in Affilorama, it via typical forums and not via live chat. It seems like a bit of a ghost town if your chasing community connection.

Monthly Cost: When you want to go premium, the fierce $67 per month is quite an investment if you not bringing in any income. I think it’s a little too much and it does become valuable if you are using all the premium tools.

Additional programs: AffiloBlueprint and AffiloJetpack are excellent but expensive. It just shows that Affilorama is not an all-inclusive package and if you want to jump up to the top quickly, you’re going to have fork out.

Who is Affilorama for?

Affilorama is great place for beginners to get started with tonnes of free resources and brilliant if you have the capital to invest into extra programs.

I believe even the intermediate affiliate marketer can benefit from the forums and the tools available at a premium level.

Affilorama Tools

As mentioned, when you go premium, you get access to the following tools

·         Advance training Videos

·         Product creation videos

·         Affiliate Blog Boot camp

·         Free hosting for up to 15 Domains

·         Exclusive Access to AffiloTools

AffiloTools is a valuable bit of software that analyse you competitor’s websites for weaknesses, discover which pages are most valuable on your site, see your rankings in different regions, analyse your social media activity and heaps more.

Affilorama Pricing structure

Free to Try or $1 for 30 days of Premium Access

Monthly Premium Access Membership: $67

AffiloBlueprint Membership: Once off $197

AffiloJetpack Membership: Once off $997

Is it Legit: Yes

The final word on Affilorama

I really like Affilorama but as its missing the community support that I prefer and just misses the mark on the training platform layouts.

Although it has become more refined, it still needs more community input to make a better platform.

My #1 recommendation Wealthy Affiliate has got these holes covered with a more inclusive package at a cheaper price. See this comparison chart below.

Wealthy Affiliate vs Affilorama
Features Wealthy Affiliate Affilorama
Online Training Platform C C
Live Video Clases C D
Support C C
Get Live Feedback C D
Private Coaching Available C C
All Inclusive Package C D
Members Forum C C
Private Messaging C D
Is there Keyword tool C C
Web Hosting Included Upto 50 Sites Upto 15 Sites
Monthly Fee $49 $67

I still think it’s worth signing up for a free membership at Afillorama to take advantage of their free content and see what they offer.

Check out my review on Wealthy Affiliate to compare for yourself.

How to make money selling books online

How to make money selling books online

Books are the words that touch lives. From adventurous stories to motivational novels, books are one of the oldest and still popular ways of getting a message across.

Millions of hardcopy, softcopy and audio books are sold online every day. If you’re like me and read or listen to many books, then you have an extreme advantage to make some extra coin. In this post, I’m going to show you how to make money selling books online.

Turning the virtual page

The history of books extends from ancient Egypt and look how far we have come into scripting information to be shared. In an age where we would think books would become obsolete with the internet, people are reading more than ever.

Technology has the changed the way the consumer reads books. Having the ability for large quantities of books on lightweight mobile devices, give users the ability to digest different formats of books with flexibility.

If you’re a fast reader and chew through novels, there is no need to keep making trips to the book shop to purchase more heavy hardcopy novels. If you’re a slow reader (like me) and like to listen to books while you drive, you get to take advantage of sitting in traffic and learning something new.

221 Million eBooks were sold in the United States in 2016. The audiobook industry is valued at $3.5 Billion globally with United States taking $1.8 Billion of that. The point is ever clear, anyone has the chance to read a book and there is lots of money to be made. So why can’t you get small chunk of the pie?

What do you look for before you buy a book?

Reviews, Reviews and more Reviews. There is so much choice in the book world and if I spend my $15-$50 per book, I want to make sure it’s a damn good read!

I reckon I spend more time reading reviews than I need to, but this is the influence that guides me to my next purchase. I want to hear what everyone else thinks, good and bad.

Did you know approximately 60% of online purchasing is influenced by reviews, blogs and videos? Pretty crazy hey! Well, these inspirational reviewers are all getting their commission when I buy from there recommendation.

You’re already an expert – share your knowledge and make a buck

how to make money onlineIf you’ve read a book before, you are now an expert in the book reading field. This means, people need your help to decide which book to read.

For every book I’ve read, I now write a review and post it on one of my websites with links on where to buy the books. When the lovely customers are inspired by my review, they click on the link and purchase the book via their favourite reading medium. When they purchase on my review, I get reimbursed for my advice via an affiliate link commission.

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Your valuable synopsis of the books you read can really help people make their decision and possibly make it while they are visiting your review.

How much money can you make from selling books from affiliate marketing?

This depends on the affiliate program but I’ll use Amazon as it’s one of the larger networks for selling eBooks and audio books.

The commission on your sale of the book can range anywhere from 4% to 7% depending on the book or media. But let’s use conservative 5% to calculate some numbers.

From the last 10 books I’ve purchases, the average price was $23 per book. So, using this average, the commission on an affiliate sale would be approximately $1.15 per book sold.

If the reviewer has good search engine rankings on their website, it not uncommon to drive more than 100 visitors per day to a book review. Let say that that 5% of visitors that read your remarkable review purchased the book via your website. Over a month you could earn $1.15 per sale  x 150 sales (5% of 3000 visitors for a month)  $172.50 per month or $2,070 per year, only on one 1 book review! Imagine if you had 40 great book reviews!!!

If reviewers or bloggers have an extremely popular website, tonnes of web traffic and the audience loves their great reviews, this ‘expert’ could be rolling in the cash. Reviewers could have 100’s of books reviewed and all collecting commission passively, while they sleep!

So yes, money can be made, but you need to know how to make a great website like a blog and how to drive traffic to it.

I’m on a budget and can’t afford to buy all these books

How to sell books onlineAs a person who is super passionate about personal growth, I know how important books are to becoming great in life. They can be expensive if you read a lot of them, but so rewarding. It’s worth it to me even if I wasn’t making money from them.

If buying books is too costly to start on your review writing journey try these tips:

Borrow it from the library – Just because you’ve reviewed I, doesn’t mean you must own it. Most libraries have range of popular titles that are still hot sellers on the web. You can even ask the library to order it in.

Buy it for the read and then resell it at a small loss – I had a friend who would buy hardcopy books and then resell them straight after he read them at a loss of 5-10%. The tip is to keep the books in mint condition for resale value.

Read other reviews and speak to people who have read the book – This is desperate call and not on my high recommendation, but you can learn a lot about books by reading reviews and asking others who have read the book. The danger in this is an unauthentic review, which would not rate high for your website. Beware of this method.

Which books should I review

If you have a niche website, make sure the book is related, as I’m sure a book about basketball may not be popular on a meditation website, if you get my drift.

Secondly, log on to your favourite eBook website, type in your key words in the search and see what top 5 titles appear.

Thirdly, try to pick books with between a 3.5-5 star review. Don’t bother with below 3.5 star books, they are just a hard sell.

Pick a book you’d love to read. If there is something that interests you and you find it to be a good read, then someone else with likely find it a good read too.

Check out one of my hot selling book reviews on one of my websites.

How can you learn to sell books online?

Come have a look at my community that taught me the ins and outs on how to sell anything online without even owning the products. Its free to join, have a look and even do some training modules.

Learn more about the platform that taught me how to be successful online

Like I said above, if you’re already reading books, half the job is done. Just get your opinion on the web page and start to Add More Income today.

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Do you leverage your spare time and your laptop to make money from anywhere in the world? When you’re looking for ways of making money online, affiliate marketing is a popular resource and diverse in market commissions. This post is going to explain how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, did you know 60% of online purchases have been made based on influence of a blog. That figure is crazy but so true. When you’re on Google, searching for next fab thing to buy, it likely you want to read an honest review which are commonly found on blogs and videos.

What is affiliate marketing?

Essentially affiliate marketing is the recommendation of products or services by an “outsider” of the company who sells that product or service.

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes a product/service and gets a commission when the buyer purchases on their advice.

When the world wide web exploded in the 1990’s, it ballooned into an information machine and massive e-commerce platform. With e-commerce and  about with any sales industry, businesses need to invest in large amounts of advertising. The problem with advertising is the risk in low conversion ratios and poor quality of sales.

Enter Affiliate Marketing: Now companies could payout a smaller commission and outsource there ‘pre-sales’ with no overheads of expensive advertising costs or staff. This leaves the affiliate marketers to create recommendations, reviews and attract customers. The company would then make lower profits on sales due to affiliate commissions but have a higher conversion ratio. Win Win for everyone including the customer who now has a product they are confident with.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Marketers create captivating content to drive their audience to websites, blogs, videos and social media to influence customers buying. This is normally done in the way of product reviews or interesting content which leads to product pages.

In each review, there are Affiliate links (hyperlinks) which have a special code (or unique ID) that when the buyer clicks on and buys the product, the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

This special hyperlink is the key to how the commission is tracked and made. Most good affiliate systems will provide statistics of how many clicks and conversions you make. Some other system  just show how much you’ve sold.

There is no limit to product or service that can have an affiliate link. It can be anything from a physical product to a digital product or a service. If it’s brought online, it can have an affiliate system.

See this video below to learn more on how affiliate links work.

Most common used affiliate programs

You’ll be amazed how many websites have affiliate programs to promote their products. The next time you’re online purchasing something, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the link that say “Affiliates” or “Become an Affiliate”.

Some of the larger affiliate systems include:

But just because they are the largest and offer the widest range of products, doesn’t mean they can be the best to use in some instances. This really depends on what your ‘niche market’ is and how much traffic you can drive to your website.

To find an affiliate system that fits your niche market, just go to Google search and type in ‘your niche market’ + ‘affiliate programs’. Lets give you an example, the screen shot below I’ve typed in camera + affiliate program in the search engine.

Affiliate programs are everywhere, from Best Buy to the Apple store. You just need to know what to look for, see what fits your passion and audience.

Does it really work, can you make money with affiliate marketing?

Hell Yes! It can be fruitful but depends on a few things:

Good honest content and reviews – If your creating content about something you love or passionate about, the content will be authentic and that’s key to drawing in your audience.

Look professional – Your website needs to look and feel trust worthy. There are so many dodging, slow loading websites which I just hit the back button on when I land on the home page.

Website Traffic – As commissions are typically low, you need a lot of clicks and conversions. Having high traffic to your website or other content medium is key to your success.

===> Learn how to make websites that look good and drive traffic to earn commissions<===

Let’s do some figures for you. One of my sites promotes books, music and apps. It has been running for 11 months now and brings in about 300-400 unique visitors per day which continues to grow 10-15% per month.

Over the past 11 months, I’ve created 91 articles with 25 of them having targeted campaigns with specific product reviews. Each campaign brings in an average of $55 per month and growing. Here is a screenshot of one of my page campaigns for last month.

25 Campaigns x $55 per month = $1,375 for the month.  I actually made $1,378.67 last month. This continues to grow each month but keeping in mind, this is only one my 3 websites.

Once you know the system, your target audience and what products to promote, money will start to flow. It doesn’t happen overnight and for example, this particular site didn’t make any commission in the first 3 months.

Another of my colleagues in our affiliate marketing community has made $14,000 in 3 months. See his post below.

This really is an uncapped commission and skys the limits or I should say YOU ARE THE LIMIT. Become LIMITLESS TODAY.

Where Can you learn to do the same?

Add More Income is continually adding resources and tips on how to create websites and monetize them.  I was lucky to learn this on an amazing training platform with a supportive community that helped me get results.

Check out my detailed review of this amazing platform.

 Or test drive this learning platform on a 7 day free trial today!


Wealthy Affiliate Review 2018 – SCAM ALERT?

How much can you make with Wealthy Affiliate

If you’re trolling Google and YouTube looking for ways to make money online, you’re going to find an assortment of options and scams. You will no doubt stumbleupon many affiliate marketing programs. In this post we will chat about one them, Wealthy Affiliate review 2018 – Scam ALERT?

What you’ll find online with get rich quick schemes is a lack of transparency, training , community and support. These 4 pillars are something you want to have when you enter an affiliate marketing community.

There are legitimate ways to make money online and after this post you can decide if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or not. Here are some things we’re going to cover in this post:

Intro to Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate was created by founders Kyle and Carson in 2005. They have built a unique learning platform which continually updates and magnetizes new members. There is almost 1,000,000 members’ to date and more joining every day.

Kyle is still very active in this community considering it is so big and it feels like that WA was built by members’ for members’. It is a comfortable forum.

Wealthy Affiliate has been designed to teach you the in’s and out’s of affiliate marketing and ways to create income online. Their system has been created for users with any level of online experience, so anyone can get the benefits from their training.

Wealthy Affiliate has the same motto as me, helping people turn their passion into a thriving online businesses.

Training and what you can expect

From the get go on joining, you get tonnes of training, even if you sign up for their free no credit card 7-day membership, you have access to some training modules.

The are 4 types training environments you will encounter:

  1. Getting Started – 5 Level Certification Program
  2. Affiliate Bootcamp – 7 Phase Intense Program
  3. Community based Training where members’ provide training, tools and tips which are not on the above programs
  4. Live Webinar normally host by WA Ambassadors on special courses

Each program is lay out with clear articulated goals, videos, detailed content and support if you’re stuck. The system tracks your progress so you never get lost.

This learning platform is unique and leaves you wanting to continue to learn. Considering I hated school learning when growing up, if school was set out like this, I would have been an A grade student.

Just some things you will learn with these programs include:

  • Getting started with Affiliate marketing
  • How to build a website from scratch with no coding or programming required
  • Creating content and finding keywords that generate website traffic
  • Getting the most out of social media for your business
  • Building your audience and finding your niche audience
  • Power of search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo
  • How to scale your business successfully

Here is an overview video of what the training platform looks like:

Community & Support

Nothing is built without community and Wealthy Affiliate has an enormous, friendly and motivating community. It is an ecosystem of knowledge and support which I believe has made Wealthy Affiliate so popular.

The community is so diverse and ranges from green beginners, common user to experts in affiliate marketing.

You are constantly in communication with your WA team via the following methods:

Live chat with members’ around the world: There is a live chat window where you can hang out. Here you can ask questions and get answers almost instantly. You can also help other and do your bit for the community.

Comment section in every lesson: Each lesson you will do has its own comment section which you are sometimes requested to participate in or you can ask questions related to the lessons. No question is to silly in this community as there is a compassion for novice users.

WA Mail Box: You get your personal inbox to chat one on one with WA members’ which is great for mentoring and working together on projects. You can build great strategic relationships which really helps with getting your business of the ground.

WA background support: If you’re not getting support from a community members’ (which never happens) or there is a system based problem like email not working, WA has their own background support team.

Free Website Hosting and Builder (No coding required)

With every Wealthy Affiliate account, you get free web hosting and free websites all built into the platform. As a Starter member, you can build 2 free websites and as a Premium member you can build up to 50 Websites.

The website hosting and building platform is called Site Rubix. It has never been easier to set up a website with Site Rubix, it only takes 60 seconds and your site is built and ready to start adding content.

The website is optimized by Wealthy Affiliate to run responsive and work best to engage traffic to it from search engines.

The website is based on WordPress engine and is extremely simple to use. If it is overwhelming at first, you will learn how to simply it is to add content in the getting started training.

As you saw from the video above, with a Starter membership, you only get access to 12 themes for your website, but as a premium member access to over 2700 themes.

Some other perks you get as a premium member are site email addresses, website security package, better support which can be 1 on 1.

I think it’s amazing that you can join for free with no credit card, have a website built in minutes and kick start your amazing journey of creating revenue from your passion.

Built in tools

Within Wealthy Affiliate you have some amazing free built in tools to help you succeed on your affiliate journey. Some of these tools would cost a fortune if you had to source them separately.

Keyword Tool – Keywords are an important part of getting your website ranked in search engines. There is a basic keyword tool included with in the WA dashboard, but you also get access to Jaxxy, one of the best keyword tools on the web with a whole host of features.

Search Database – Can’t find what you are looking for or need an answer quickly? WA has search bar where you can type in just about anything about website building or affiliate marketing and get recorded answers or pointed toward training videos instantly.

Internal Blog – You get your own blog within Wealthy Affiliate platform. Here you can communicate with WA member and the rest of the world.

====> Access to thousands of training classes and videos outside of the certification system. You can never stop learning here.<====

The good, the bad, the ugly

Are you pumped about what WA offers? Well here is a bit about the ugly.

When you first join, it can be a little overwhelming with so much community interaction when you just trying to get you head around the platform. There is great help from the community but it can be noise at first.

Once you are getting started and you want to get bum up, head down to website building, it’s easy to get distracted with so many new live video classes and community interaction. At the end of the day, you are here to build a business and there is work to be done.

The last thing that I don’t like, is that the website hosting platform doesn’t have any C-Panel access (background hosting access). This is for the website tech geeks like me who like to tinker with hosting settings.

How membership works and what are the different types

As mentioned above, you can sign up completely obligation free at no cost to have a look at what WA offers firsthand.

The benefits really make sense when you go premium $49 per month and you will get even better deals once you join for yearly memberships.

With the ability to host 50 websites, access to the best key word tools, 24/7 online community and support, $49 is peanuts if your business is going to make $500-$5000 per month. It’s a small investment.

Can you make money with Wealthy Affiliate?

YES! But this is is not a get-rich-quick scheme and making it in any online business still takes hard work, dedication and patience.

It takes a little time to get your website built and ranked in Google or other search engines. I have seen community members’ hit the $2K mark in their 3rd and 4th months. It really depends on how much time you want to dedicate to your business.

For me, the first few months I worked my face off trying to get my first niche website off the ground. I was almost deterred by the end of the third month. In the 4th I got my first commission and after that continued to snow ball.

I have had exponential growth each month and it doesn’t slow down. By my 9th month I had increased my online income by 600% and continued to grow which hasn’t stopped. What I like about this type of income is that ball was still rolling if I took a week off (not as fast, but still moving).

Here are some members’ success posts that I’d like to share

The final word on Wealthy Affiliate

This is a great place to learn and earn if you want to get started online or an experienced online user that want’s an alternate income.

The benefits out weigh just about any argument that I could come up with when I first joined and I’m so glad I did as it has completely changed my life.

The internet is truly abundant with income opportunities and Wealthy Affiliate is the key for anyone to make it and get the piece of the pie.

I rate this platform 4.8 out of 5 and think everyone should at least try it to see if they can turn their passion into a business.

Try it for FREE and build your website in seconds

If you have any questions or comments about your experience with Wwalthy Affiliate, please leave your comments below.