Best Niches for Affiliate marketing – How to find your niche?

Best Niches for Affiliate marketing – How to find your niche?

In my earlier days of affiliate marketing, I asked a friend what’s the best niche for affiliate marketing? He responded, “The ones that makes money”.  Now this ear grabbing comment got my attention, but when I started grinding his comment in my mind, I started to reverse engineer this answer.

  • Is it profitability of the niche programs?
  • Is it the audience size / type that makes it profitable?
  • Is it the high traffic in the niche which is making it more profitable?

What I can say that every selected niche can be profitable if researched right, but there is so much importance on your passion to create content in this niche.

Using your uncontrollable desire is the key for you not only to select a niche that is interesting to you, but will make the process of helping others and creating captivating content much easier. It will be the content that will carry your site, blog, brand or new business to make money.

Finding your niche is simple process at a high level:

  1. Identify your passion or interests
  2. Research it for profitability and sustainability

There’s a bit more detail when you break it down. Let’s crack away the shell and look inside.

Step 1: Identify your passion

Do you love fishing, dogs, books, tech gadgets, fitness, health or sex? These can all be profitable niches. There truly is no limit, if there you have an interest, you’ll find something.

I find interests in the types of books I’m reading, the YouTube videos I’m watching, the blogs I visit, what I like to do in my spare time (if I have any) and what I could talk about all day if I had the chance.

What if you have many interests but don’t know which one to pick?how to find your niche

If this is your first niche and you have too many options, cut them down to 3 -5 favourites. Just because this is your first, doesn’t mean you won’t use all these niche ideas in the future on your second, third or many sites.

Also, don’t get worried about getting it wrong, we are going to research each niche to ensure it’s a fit for you and your business.

If one of these niches fits best with your life mission or purpose, that is green light to progress to researching it. Passion + Life purpose = motivational and fun to do.

If your interest is something like worm farming or lawn maintenance and you are thinking, this is not going to be a profitable niche. Stop the negative thinking and just write it down. You be astonished the audience you can attract to these niches.

What if you can’t find an interest or just don’t have a passion?

When I was stuck in niche limbo, I got my credit card statement and highlighted everything that I purchased that was in my interest. With health being one of my interests, I noticed how much I was spending on supplements and health gadgets.

I thought, if I’m spend all this money on this stuff, I bet there are another million people with the same interest spending as well. I already now so much about these products from research and testing which makes me an expert in this niche.

Many get stuck trying to find any niche. Here are some other things to do to identify some interests:

Niche puzzelWhat are you good at? Sharing your skills and associate products to these skills. Find where you can bring unique value to the table.

Check your web browser history. See what you have been researching in the past period. You may already be an expert.

Check out categories in some of the main Affiliate market places. Browse what other people are needing to get promoted and something may spark your interest.

At the end of the day, get 3 niches on your list as a minimum. Don’t always look for high paying commissions if you are in Affiliate market places. Feel the interest on what you would buy.

The big 3 that people most search for which are emotional attached that include Romance, Health and Wellness, Money and Wealth. Are these saturated on the web? Yes, but this just means competitions is high.

If it’s your first niche, stick to what your passion is and stay away from the big 3 unless this is where your interest is.

Step 2: Research, Research, Research!

Don’t buy the domain just yet. You’ve found it and ideas are flowing out of your ears due the excitement. Great, write them down and get onto this step.

If you’re in this for the long haul, you might be working in this niche for years to come, so you want to sustain motivation and ideas.  The key to researching is looking at the niche from different angles as well as sustainability.

This step can take a day to a week. It is worth it. By the time you have finished the research, you’ll have the building blocks for your journey.

Look at the competition

Research the 5-10 top influencers in your selected niche. See what you like and what you can do better. Don’t worry about saturation of the market, this means nothing if you have good content, SEO and individuality.research your niche

Doing this process with show you how your competition presents content, what kind of content is out there and how they promote affiliations.

Find merchants in your niche

Without things to promote and review, there is no profitability in this niche. If there is nothing to sell (which is normally not true) or low profitability, this is the time to decide to try one of your other top 3-5 niches you selected in step 1.

It is very rare that you cannot find sub niches that are profitable in the same space. So, try to open your mind and search many different merchants before you give up.

When you look at merchants, don’t join any paid programs yet unless they have free trials. We are still testing the waters before you take the plunge.

Make a list of content ideas

Write down as many content ideas as you can. 50 – 100 is the goal because this will sustain your first year of content creation.  More ideas will flow as you start working within your niche and finding your audience.

Now if you can’t get to at least 40 content ideas, I would consider going back to the drawing board and looking at you top 3-5 niches again.

Content IS king when it comes to driving traffic to your site, videos or social media. Don’t start without it.

Create a piece of content

Write an article on one of your ideas. See how it feels. Did it feel great to get it on paper?

Read your article to yourself, how does it sound. Get friends to read and get their opinion if it helps. If you’ve got no-one to read it, send it to me and let me review for you.

If the process of creating content feels good, the market in your niche is profitable and this is something that’s your deep passion, you have a winner. The next steps are building your website and learning the ins and outs of a successful affiliate marketer.

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how to find profitable niches

Did you find your niche in a different way or have any other tips on how find a niche? Please add your comments below.

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36 thoughts on “Best Niches for Affiliate marketing – How to find your niche?

  1. What a great article. My first problem was finding three niches that I am passionate about and then I started writing a little on all three. I then realized that I needed to pick one and focus on it. I really appreciate your article as it helped me to solidify the great points of finding a niche. Well written. Thanks for the advice.

  2. Thanks for sharing this excellent approach to finding the right niche. This would have come in very handy for me when I was first starting out as I chose a niche that I wasn’t really passionate about, and before long I was finding it hard to generate content ideas. The idea of writing content first to see how it feels is a winner.

    I can see the excitement come through in what you write so I’ll be watching your site closely for more great articles. Thanks

    • Your welcome Melissa and yes I’m super excited about helping people to succeed with their online businesses.
      I look forward to many more of your comments.

  3. I really love your article. It could’nt have come at the right time. The problem with me is i think too much and waste precious time! But your article has helped me to break it down and simplify the process. Thanks a lot.

    • Glad I could help Angee. Using your time efficiently is really key with affiliate marketing. There is always a never ending list of tasks.

  4. It’s incredibly important when choosing a niche that it’s both something that people are interested in, and are willing to spend money online to get, as well as something that YOU are interested in. If you aren’t interested in your niche, the research part will be boring, and you won’t be engaged. If you aren’t engaged, and involved within your niche, then you won’t be able to establish yourself as a figure of authority, and people won’t trust you or listen to you.

    • Massive and important points Isaya. Trust and authority are keys to making it in this business and your engagement is so important to make it.

  5. Hi Vince. Really cool article. For me finding a niche is the most difficult part to do lol.
    Your article will help many people finding the right niche. Keep up your work 🙂

  6. I love that you put #1 finding your passion. I’ve heard others promoting that it doesn’t matter if you’re passionate about it, as long as it will make you money. While this is essentially accurate, I’ve seen more people quit writing because they simply don’t have the interest anymore. If you pick a topic you love, you’ll never get tired of researching or writing about it. Your research breakdown is really helpful, too. I’ve been jumping into writing and ended up doing so much research mid-post when I could go faster and be more organized by doing it in advance. I will definitely try this.

    • The vision at Add More Income, is too make the process of ‘Working’ not feel like work and the key to this is working in your passion.
      Mid post research still happens to me. I have reduces this I have used a process of planning each post using Steven Pressfield method, the author of The War of Art. Great read if you want to improve post writing.

  7. I especially liked your advice to write a piece of content out to see how you liked your niche. People often jump into a category without giving it much thought. If you cannot write with care about your niche, then it is not worth your time.

    At the same time though, it could also be writer’s block. That brings me to my question. If you could give one piece of advice for overcoming writer’s block, what would it be? People say a variety of things, so it can be overwhelming. I look forward to hearing your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

    • I’m soon to get a post out about this, I found that writing and writer’s block is a challenge that many face. This can stop people from creating content and kill their business.
      I was one of the worst readers and writer in the world 10 years ago. I can confirm this is a skill that can be developed. As mentioned in my last comment, check out Steven Pressfield’s book the War of Art to overcome writer’s block.

  8. Hi Vince

    Spot on ! What a great article. I wished I saw you site when I was brainstorming my niches.

    It is very easy to get it wrong when you don’t have clarity or good understanding of what niche is. I congratulate you for starting this blog.

    I have read many articles on this and each website give their own unique take on the subject that at the end of reading poor reader ends up being more confused than before when they started out their research. Some give generic explanation, some vague. You just have to go with your gut feeling and what resonate with you.

    On the whole, I like the way you explained it and taking the reader though examples so they can relate to it.

    Keep up the good work

    • Thanks for stopping by Rabia and appreciate your positive feedback.

      Gut feeling is the best way to go. Even if you get it wrong, there is normally little $$$ investment lost and some experienced gained. I think people should just jump into action.

  9. Some really great tips for choosing a niche! Where were you 3 years ago when I was trying to pick a niche? 3 years and 3 sites later I’ve finally “got” it. I can talk about my topic under wet cement. My kid’s eyes glaze over when I talk about it. That’s how I know I’ve got the right one for me!

  10. I know the problem of having to many hobbies that I am passionate about. It really becomes a problem when you want to do all of them at once, but I realize if you do, the quality of it may end up turning out poor.

    What is your recommendation as far as when to build another website in another passion? Should I wait a couple of years? Or should I wait until the first website is making money?

    • If your still on your first site, I say run it for a about a 6-12 months and get the learning curve from mistakes and feats. By this time it should be passively returning some income and then you can make the judgement call on the second site.
      Also evaluate how much time you can spend on you first site once you start your second. You don’t want to stop the increase of traffic on the old site.

  11. Thanks Vince a great comprehensive article. I love your tip to pick just one niche idea to start. I should have read this a year ago – I get so excited by all my passions that sometimes I get too distracted. Thanks for the reminder!

  12. Hello Vince, I am glad I just came across your site. I am 3 months into writing/ blogging and still on my first website, I think I finally get it. Lots of tips to learn from you though so thank you!

  13. Really awesome post and overall great page! I’ll definitely keep your site bookmarked as I am always looking forward to new information to grasp on in this niche. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I like your theme. You have really good tips in this article. I’ve certainly learned a lot. I am looking forward to more article. Thank you!

  15. Wow, talk about motivational writing! I enjoyed your explanation of choosing the appropriate niche. I was one of those people who jumped right away at something that I would be productive, but due to lack of knowledge and passion (about shoes) I changed my mind and started a new website about something I was passionate about- San Diego Beaches. I think you said it best, ” Passion + Life purpose = motivational and fun to do..” I am having such a good time writing and researching this subject! I have yet to figure out what to try and sell, but I am only three months into it, so I think I have time. I have bookmarked your site and will be checking back to get more ideas! Thank you and good luck to you!

    • Thanks for your feedback Colleen. It’s great that you creating content about something you love, but you should be profiting from your hard work.

      If you have not constructed an income plan, Ads are going to be first go to. Low earning but if you can create enough traffic it can be worth it.
      Secondly, tourism companies will love your content. If you can prove your trafic, you might strike a deal with them.
      Lastly try AirBnB or accommodation affiliate programs because if I fall in love with the cost of San Diego, I’m going to need a place to stay on my visit.

  16. Hello Vince,

    I had similar thoughts when I started online. I knew I needed a niche I was passionate about in order to make this work. I would not want to spend years writing about a topic that was not my passion. I knew I would get bored and move on.

    I had two main passions when I started. Now I have just started my second site almost two years after building my first site. My first was not in the big 3, my second site is in the big 3. My first site has been interesting and rewarding and I am glad I started there and can now use all I have learned on the second.

    One other point I would add here is that we do not have to have an extremely narrow niche. There is a lot of advice to create a very defined, specific niche but I disagree. With a very, very narrow niche, it is easier to run out of content! As you said, content is absolutely required. We need great keywords for posts and posts should be very well defined, but the site itself does not have to be. For example, my first site is about cat health and behavior. It is broad enough I can include reviews of many different types of products.

    I like your step by step advice for choosing a niche. I think it will really help out the beginners!

    • Excellent points Jessica. Appreciate your contribution.

      I too tried very narrow niche tech business for wall mounted control tablets. It just couldn’t give me breadth of content and audience for this type of business or even selling products. I use the time I spent on it as learning curve and just moved on to the next one.

  17. You nailed it dead on! Focusing on where you are passionate makes a huge difference in many ways. In addition to pushing through the research and learning required, your passion will come across to your audience.

  18. Really enjoyed this site, and this article. It has helped me fine tune my niche and to actually accept it. the one i chose has always been a bit of a disappointment to me.

    • Thanks for your comment Paul and glad my advice was sound.
      You sort of have to do it to see if its the right fit. What attributes do you like about your new niche?

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