How to build your Website – Part 2: Creating Content

How to build your Website – Part 2: Creating Content

Hopefully you’ve got through Part 1 building your website framework and started to publish some content.  Hope your also following the keyword formula to get the most out of SEO.

Creating content is by far the most important thing you will do of the next couple of years to get the most out of your website. Without content, you don’t have an audience. Without and Audience, you don’t have web traffic. Without web traffic, there is no income.

Content is king

If you’ve never created content, it can be scary, nerve racking and difficult. Like riding a bike, if you don’t start peddling, you never learn.

website content writingIf you followed the steps in How to find your niche post, you should have 50-100 ideas on what to make content on. If you haven’t done this step, please read this post and complete the stepped tasks. It is essential to have a list of things to write about.

Content comes in many forms audio, pictures, video and writing. Video is quickest way to get your message out to the world. The concern that most have with video is confidence in front of the camera and ability to look or sound like an expert in their chosen niche. If you got the gift, do it. For the rest of us, writing is where we will concentrate.

Writing is one of the oldest and still very effective way of getting your message across. The benefit of writing is a great way of articulation and the benefit of linking important information while also re-routing of traffic to concentrated areas.

Forming an article becomes easier the more you do it. Creating a structure for each post will help you create captivating content. I’m going to take you through my process and how I create content through brainstorming and writing structure. My way may not be best for you but if you have little writing experience as I did, I’m sure this will help.

Get it on the page

You can use any type of word processing program like Word or Google docs or you can type right in to WordPress. Just make sure whatever medium you use has built in spell checker and how to write good content for websitegrammar checker. You can also use a great note taking apps.

Step 1: I want you start writing down some of the topics that you will discuss on your interesting article.  For the moment, don’t worry how strange they sound, just jot them down on the page. The more the better as you can remove them if they don’t work.

If you selected a niche that is a passion of yours, then you should have no problems getting some ideas down. A little web research can help you get your idea juices going. Just remember, don’t get caught in the research wheel and your content should be unique.

Step 2: Create your structure of your article. In the simplest terms, you need to make and outline:

  1. An Introduction to the topic
  2. Subjects or focus points about the topic. This can information, problems, answers, techniques. This is the meat in you sandwich
  3. A Conclusion to your topic

Step 3: Create headings for your article with keyword research. Using the keyword research tools >>found here<<, you tailor make you headings to maximise Search Engine Optimization for this post. Search engines are going to love your keywords.

Step 4: Start writing the story. This is where a lot of people get stuck. They believe they have to write a certain way. I say, write like you’re having a conversation with a friend. Make it sound natural and don’t get too technical.

These 4 steps will have you punching out meaty posts. We are going to aim for about 1000-1500 words. Don’t stress if you can’t reach that, just keep creating content.

Make em’ look pretty

Once you have curated you content for spelling and grammars, paste it in to a WordPress post and start to format it.

Step 5: Use the WordPress formatting tools to make your headings H3 or you preferred style, bolding important words and adding segregation lines if need be.

Make sure text and colors selected are readable. Please don’t use yellow text on a blue background. The human eye struggles to read this and so will your audience. Black print on white background will work fine.

Step 6: Add relevant pictures to your post. Pictures are super important to make your post look nice, break up the text and are another way to boost SEO on your post.

When you add pictures, ensure you add keywords to the alt text field of the picture (see video below). Keyword linked to picture can be very important to driving traffic to your site.

One last note on pictures, when you add them, view them as a post on your computer and a mobile device as it look different when published. The pictures may be out of whack if not placed correctly.

Step 7: Start adding links to your article. From here you can add external link to other sites, internal links to some of your other related articles or product reviews. Try not to add a direct affiliate link in the article as this may slow down your SEO as search engines don’t like affiliate links.

Step 8: Add video if relevant. I love watching a relevant video when reading a blog. I don’t leave the page and get more entertainment from the post.

Video also may help the user further understand the subject/s. This could be a great way for you to get I front of the camera, but if don’t like this, just add in a related YouTube video.

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Don’t stop making content

I hope this guide was helpful for you to start crunching out content. Just keep posting more articles. Don’t worry if they are good or not. You audience will tell you.

Creating content will become more natural and quicker as time rolls over. A couple of years ago, this post would have taken me 4 hours. Today, I wrote this article in an hour. Practice makes perfect.

Parts 3 & 4 four of the Building your website series are just around the corner where you learn to jazz up the appearance of your site and create more social engagement.

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16 thoughts on “How to build your Website – Part 2: Creating Content

  1. Great article, I am glad to read your post, you really opened my eyes.There are so many things that I am not getting right which I never realize until now.Can I add another person video into my post and still make something out of it since I don’t have the courage of doing my own.
    Thank you for this wonderful information.

  2. Hey Vince,
    Good reminders all. By that, I mean I need all of them. Also the video posting information is something I really needed. So thanks for that especially.

  3. Hi Vince,

    Thank you for the great information and tips. I love writing and giving out information, so it was natural for me to start writing when I first started the online marketing and know that I need to write articles. But then the idea of “publish your article” somehow scared me! Yeah right, like millions of people will see my website right after I published! But I didn’t know Search Engines or anything, so that’s what I thought and took me a long time to actually “publish” it. I wanted to make sure keywords were in the right place, grammars and spells were correct, etc… that I became analysis paralysis.

    I like your style of “just do it” to encourage us to write, and keep writing. Practice makes perfect. If we keep writing (along with your steps), we will perfect our content.


    • Thanks for your comment Kyoko.
      I too got caught up in analysis paralysis. It was a killer.
      Sharing your thoughts with the world can be scary but also rewarding when your helping others.

  4. Hello Vince,

    I have noticed with my sites that adding content is the best way to get traffic and boost my Google ranking. Consistently adding content really works and I believe good, useful content with great keywords is much more effective than spending time on other areas like social media.

    It might seem slow at first but eventually adding content will work wonders for people and traffic will pick up like magic.

    Thanks for sharing this step by step guide.

    • I think you’ve hit the nail on the head when you say it’s slow at first but picks up like magic when you keep adding content. Patience is the key and looking at long term is the best approach.

  5. Great article, thanks! I agree, it’s all about the content and you just need to start. Somewhere. It’s difficult not to give up when there is no feedback from people but that’s the tough time of a writer 🙂
    It can take a year before first fruit can be harvested…
    Thanks for the tips and I hope there will be more articles of such quality!

    • Wise words Harry.You can also see that work pays offs in the long run.
      Appreciate your feedback and hope to continue producing more content and guides like this.

  6. Great information! I hadn’t thought about adding keywords in my pictures when I post, that is a great idea! I like your ideas about using Heading 3 as well.

    I will definitely have to implement this information. Thanks!

  7. I could not agree with you more on your thoughts about content. Content is what makes your website, well, your website. It is the reel that keeps bring readers back. Without high quality content, then your site is just another website with a cool domain name.

    I do have a question though. What do you recommend to overcome writer’s block? Sometimes I can stare and stare at an article I am writing for tens of minutes on end and I got nothing. It is frustrating. I look forward to reading your answer.

    Thank you for sharing and I hope you make it a great day!

  8. Hey Vince,
    Great article, loved the point about how SEO doesn’t like affiliate links. I think i need to go back and take a few out that might be affecting my rankings. I saw that you like videos in your post, do they generally slow the page down as well?

    • Hi Dwight, If you upload videos as media to WordPress, they will slow down your site. The way around this is to upload your videos to YouTube and then embed the video to your post. There will be no loading lag.
      Are you making your own videos for your site?

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