How to make money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

How to make money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Do you leverage your spare time and your laptop to make money from anywhere in the world? When you’re looking for ways of making money online, affiliate marketing is a popular resource and diverse in market commissions. This post is going to explain how to make money with affiliate marketing for beginners.

Before we get to the nitty gritty, did you know 60% of online purchases have been made based on influence of a blog. That figure is crazy but so true. When you’re on Google, searching for next fab thing to buy, it likely you want to read an honest review which are commonly found on blogs and videos.

What is affiliate marketing?

Essentially affiliate marketing is the recommendation of products or services by an “outsider” of the company who sells that product or service.

An affiliate marketer is someone who promotes a product/service and gets a commission when the buyer purchases on their advice.

When the world wide web exploded in the 1990’s, it ballooned into an information machine and massive e-commerce platform. With e-commerce and  about with any sales industry, businesses need to invest in large amounts of advertising. The problem with advertising is the risk in low conversion ratios and poor quality of sales.

Enter Affiliate Marketing: Now companies could payout a smaller commission and outsource there ‘pre-sales’ with no overheads of expensive advertising costs or staff. This leaves the affiliate marketers to create recommendations, reviews and attract customers. The company would then make lower profits on sales due to affiliate commissions but have a higher conversion ratio. Win Win for everyone including the customer who now has a product they are confident with.

How does affiliate marketing work?

Affiliate Marketers create captivating content to drive their audience to websites, blogs, videos and social media to influence customers buying. This is normally done in the way of product reviews or interesting content which leads to product pages.

In each review, there are Affiliate links (hyperlinks) which have a special code (or unique ID) that when the buyer clicks on and buys the product, the affiliate marketer receives a commission.

This special hyperlink is the key to how the commission is tracked and made. Most good affiliate systems will provide statistics of how many clicks and conversions you make. Some other system  just show how much you’ve sold.

There is no limit to product or service that can have an affiliate link. It can be anything from a physical product to a digital product or a service. If it’s brought online, it can have an affiliate system.

See this video below to learn more on how affiliate links work.

Most common used affiliate programs

You’ll be amazed how many websites have affiliate programs to promote their products. The next time you’re online purchasing something, scroll down to the bottom of the page and look for the link that say “Affiliates” or “Become an Affiliate”.

Some of the larger affiliate systems include:

But just because they are the largest and offer the widest range of products, doesn’t mean they can be the best to use in some instances. This really depends on what your ‘niche market’ is and how much traffic you can drive to your website.

To find an affiliate system that fits your niche market, just go to Google search and type in ‘your niche market’ + ‘affiliate programs’. Lets give you an example, the screen shot below I’ve typed in camera + affiliate program in the search engine.

Affiliate programs are everywhere, from Best Buy to the Apple store. You just need to know what to look for, see what fits your passion and audience.

Does it really work, can you make money with affiliate marketing?

Hell Yes! It can be fruitful but depends on a few things:

Good honest content and reviews – If your creating content about something you love or passionate about, the content will be authentic and that’s key to drawing in your audience.

Look professional – Your website needs to look and feel trust worthy. There are so many dodging, slow loading websites which I just hit the back button on when I land on the home page.

Website Traffic – As commissions are typically low, you need a lot of clicks and conversions. Having high traffic to your website or other content medium is key to your success.

===> Learn how to make websites that look good and drive traffic to earn commissions<===

Let’s do some figures for you. One of my sites promotes books, music and apps. It has been running for 11 months now and brings in about 300-400 unique visitors per day which continues to grow 10-15% per month.

Over the past 11 months, I’ve created 91 articles with 25 of them having targeted campaigns with specific product reviews. Each campaign brings in an average of $55 per month and growing. Here is a screenshot of one of my page campaigns for last month.

25 Campaigns x $55 per month = $1,375 for the month.  I actually made $1,378.67 last month. This continues to grow each month but keeping in mind, this is only one my 3 websites.

Once you know the system, your target audience and what products to promote, money will start to flow. It doesn’t happen overnight and for example, this particular site didn’t make any commission in the first 3 months.

Another of my colleagues in our affiliate marketing community has made $14,000 in 3 months. See his post below.

This really is an uncapped commission and skys the limits or I should say YOU ARE THE LIMIT. Become LIMITLESS TODAY.

Where Can you learn to do the same?

Add More Income is continually adding resources and tips on how to create websites and monetize them.  I was lucky to learn this on an amazing training platform with a supportive community that helped me get results.

Check out my detailed review of this amazing platform.

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15 thoughts on “How to make money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

  1. Hi Vince. Great post! Affiliate marketing is definitely a great way to supplement your income if not replace it one day. Thanks for your detailed information on what this entails.

  2. Hi there! I’m a college student and I’m looking for a way to earn extra money online. I heard great things about affiliate marketing but I really don’t know how it works nor how to start. I wanted to try it but the problem is that I don’t know where to start. Is there any affiliate marketing program that will help me? I really appreciate your response.

  3. Vince, you offer a great explanation of how to make money with affiliate marketing. Keep up the good work. Can you share how you built your traffic to such a large number?

  4. Hi Vince,

    I cannot read enough about affiliate marketing and the stories of success captivate my attention each time I see them. I wish I was there yet. Glad to be a part of this community at Wealthy Affiliate.

    And yes, affiliate marketing is possible and can earn you a full time income, only if you do not give up and work really hard on it. Never, never, never give up, as somebody once said.

    Best luck to you and your website,

    • Patience is the key Oscar with affiliate marketing. Use your time wisely and success with unveil.
      If you ever need any help, just leave me a comment.

  5. Hey Vince,
    Solid run through of affiliate marketing. Out of all the ones you mentioned Wealthy Affiliate is by far the best in my opinion. Someone can start for free, learn alot, and have 2 websites. When they want to learn more and get 25 sites they can upgrade to premium.

    There are a lot people joining WA and starting to make money online everyday.

    Of course my opinion is a little biased as i’m one of the top 100 members 🙂

  6. Dude this is an amazing post (love the logo btw lol) But I think it’s definitely important to keep in mind that while it does take time, it certainly pays off in the long run. My site is a few months old but only very recently have I started to see traffic increase.

    • Traffic on all my sites only seemed to get any real traction after 3 months. But while I keep adding content, they continue to grow at an amazing pace.
      Thanks for stopping by Jasmere.

  7. Great information! How long did it take you before you started making money with affiliate marketing? I mean, did you go through several trial and errors with websites and niches or did it just take the 11 months before you started seeing results? Right now I struggle with campaigns and really don’t understand how to do them. Do you have any suggestions? Thanks for the post as it gives me the hope to continue until I get it right!

    • Oh I had so many failures starting out but after I did the training courses at Wealthy Affiliate, I started learning where my faults were and started fixing them.
      I stuck with my niches as they were passions of mine. I can’t stress enough to ensure that your niche is related to your passion.
      Secondly, it took about 3 months to work out who my true audience was. This is the key on how to target your campaigns. I analyzed the traffic sources, comments and click quantities on my affiliate accounts. From here I restructure and with in a month, commissions started to flow.

      You’ve given me an idea for a post which I’ll explain in more detail. So to be continued…

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