Best Pokemon GO Accessories for iPhone and Android (2022)

Find the best accessories possible for your next Pokemon Go adventure!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re an avid Pokemon GO player, there are going to be some items that you need to take your game to the next level. Be it ways to make sure you’re catching Pokemon at all times, ways to keep your phone alive, or just items to help you progress further, here are some of the most essential items that you can get your hands on to make sure you’re catching them all.

Pokemon Go – Best Accessories for iPhone and Android (2022)

Go-tcha Evolve Watch ($49.99)


Taking what made the original Go-tcha device great, and expanding upon it, you’ll find an excellent all-in-one package here. With its dedicated app that allows you to customize just about every aspect of your Pokemon Go adventures, you’ll be able to auto-spin PokeStops for more items, catch Pokemon without having to do anything, and find Mystery Pokemon, as well! All of this without even having to take your phone out of your pocket!

If you prefer to catch them manually, you can turn off auto-settings for specific parts, especially if you are running low on items. Featuring a vibrant full-color screen, a way to keep track of your steps, and many more features, this is a must-have item if you are an avid Pokemon Go player and something that you could wear in public without being afraid that people will notice what you’re doing. The only main issue is according to Pokemon GO TOS, you could be branded as a cheater, because of the auto-spin features, so beware of that. Most players have not had any issues, however.

Pokemon GO Plus – $34.99


If you’re not afraid to wear your passions on your sleeve, the Pokemon GO Plus is the only certified catching device, made directly by Niantic. You’ll be able to wear this device on your wrist and get vibrations for PokeStopsPokemon, and more. The operation couldn’t be more simple, with vibrations and LED lights inside of the center of the Pokeball letting you know when you’re near an item or monster, and a quick press will help you collect them.

Since this is not an auto catcher device, you won’t have to worry about violating any sort of TOS, as this is made directly with assistance from Niantic. The overall build quality is also superb, with strong vibration, vibrant lights, and an overall attractive design. This item is another must-have, especially if you are worried that an auto catcher could get you into some serious trouble. Great for those that have a long-standing account that they don’t want to risk.

Anker Portable 10,000mah Battery Pack – $39.99


Making sure that you have enough juice on your device is very important, especially if you’re spending most of your day spinning PokeStops and catching new Pokemon to add to your collection. That’s where the Anker 10,000mah Portable Battery comes in clutch, as you’ll be able to charge up multiple devices from dead to full rapidly. Since most phone batteries are around 3,000 – 5,000mah, you should be able to squeeze more than enough juice out of this.

Having multiple ports is also important, so that way you can make sure any charger can work on here with no problem, or if you need to give a friend a boost, as well. Featuring both USB A and USB C ports, you’ll be able to bring along just about any cord needed to make sure you can keep on pushing through the day to catch everything in sight.

Pokemon Pop Wallet – $25.00


Being able to grip your phone is a key part of Pokemon GO, so why not make sure that you can carry all of the essentials that you need, as well? Enter the Pokemon Pop Wallet, which is applied directly to the back of your phone, and will allow you to take advantage of extra grip, as well as an extra spot to hold your ID, Credit Cards, or anything else you may need. You’ll have a great grip on things after popping out the grip, letting you hold onto your phone easier than ever before.

You’ll be able to fit about five different cards in here, so you’ll be stocked up and ready to go if you aren’t near another PokeStop, or you need to grab something to eat and drink your adventure. Plus, if you’re out and about, you’ll have less to worry about since you can leave your standard wallet at home.

J Labs Go Air Pop Wireless Earbuds – $19.99


Don’t let the price point of these scare you away, they’re the real deal. At $19.99, these are almost like walking into a store and stealing them off of the shelf. Featuring great sound quality, and rich, warm tones, you can’t find a better set of earbuds on the market at this price point. Not only are they great for listening to music, but they’re also excellent to use while playing Pokemon Go!

You’ll be able to hear which Pokemon are popping up around you with ease using these, and since they come in a variety of different colors, you could pick and choose the best to match not only your phone but which team you have devoted yourself to when first starting up the game!

And there we have it, the most essential items that you’ll need while playing Pokemon Go! Make sure you catch some or all of these deals up, as they’ll help elevate your Pokemon catching game to new levels!

Pokemon Go is available now on mobile devices.

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