Joker’s Smash Bros. Ultimate Trailer Is Finally Here

Joker, along with Version 3.0, arrives tomorrow.

by Jelani James


It feels like an eternity since Persona 5’s Joker was confirmed to be appearing in Super Smash Brothers Ultimate, and finally on the imminent arrival of Version 3.0, Nintendo has finally gifted fans with a trailer so we can see him in action.

Joker, as expected, has a moveset that is highly-inspired by Persona 5, incorporating attacks utilizing a gun, dagger, dark spell (Eiha) and grappling hook. They’re serviceable for the most part, but it’s not until Joker’s persona, Arsene, is activated that his true power is revealed. Upon taking damage while using his down special, Rebel’s Guard, a gauge near his health meter will steadily increase until it fills, allowing Joker to summon Arsene to aid him in battle for a limited time. While it’s active, not only will the properties of his special attacks change (his gun fires three shots instead of one), but even regular attacks will receive an extra bit of power.

Naturally, Joker will also get his own stage, Mementos, where the rest of the Shadow Thieves will appear and spectate as the battle progresses. And speaking of the other Shadow Thieves, they also participate in Joker’s Final Smash, All-Out Attack.

Needless to say, the arrival of a new character and stage means new music, and fans will be able to listen to 11 of them from not just P5, but from P4 and P3, as well. As an added bonus, these tracks also cause the Mementos stage (along with Joker’s victory screen) to change in color and background.

Aside from Joker, Nintendo also revealed information about the anticipated Version 3.0 patch.

No mention was made about any balance changes, but players can look forward to the previously leaked Stage Builder, as well as an assortment as Mii Fighter costumes inspired by the likes of various Persona and Sonic characters. There will also be an addition to the Nintendo Switch Online app, called Smash World, which will allow players to check out an assortment of stages, videos and other content without starting up Ultimate.

Best part of all? Everything comes tomorrow, April 17. Joker will be available as a standalone purchase for $5.99 or as part of the Ultimate Fighters Pass for $24.99. Meanwhile, the Mii Fighter costumes will cost $0.75 each.

Check out the 15-minute overview video below:


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