Elden Ring Hands: How to Beat Fingercreepers Effectively

Get your hands on some useful tips for defeating Fingercreepers!

by Marc Magrini


When travelling through some of the optional areas of Elden Ring, players might encounter disembodied hands with multiple fingers. These Fingercreepers are actually strong enemies that can quite easily tap away at a player’s health in mere moments. They aren’t found in many different places, but they make their home in areas relevant to important NPC questlines. To beat Fingercreepers effectively, players will need a fair amount of skill and varied methods of attack. Only by exploiting the weaknesses of these hand-like creatures can players avoid a tough time battling them.

How to Beat Fingercreepers Effectively in Elden Ring

Fingercreepers rely on their size and close-range strikes to catch players off guard. Staying up close to one will not end well unless you weave through the fingers and keep yourself directly behind them. They can’t be backstabbed, but the only counter Fingercreepers can muster is to run away and reposition themselves. Additionally, while they have a ranged attack, it’s slow and easily avoided; the projectile they shoot doesn’t even immediately explode when hitting the player. Staying far away and firing off spells is a surefire method of taking these foes out.

If you wish to avoid a long and drawn-out fight altogether, Fingercreepers are exceedingly weak to fire. Using a weapon or spell that deals fire damage will cause the Fingercreeper to roll around the ground in pain, rendering it unable to attack for a time. This also applies to bloodflame spells or weapons, allowing you to inflict an incredibly powerful status effect on the enemy as well. While they might be less common than the speedy, deadly Revenants and the large, bleed-inflicting bears, Fingercreepers have much more exploitable weaknesses. Just be wary of the ones that hide in the ground, waiting to grab unsuspecting players. If one of those gets its hand on you, no amount of knowledge will easily save you from its grasp.

Elden Ring is available on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC.

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