Dark Type Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon GO

Take on Dark-Type Pokemon with these Types

by Caleb Stultz


Dark-Type Pokemon are generally seen as a good combo Type to other Types in the game. Mainly this is because of Dark-Types not having very good matchups within Pokemon Go. Their attacks are boosted by Fog, so if you see trainers using Fog early, be on the lookout for this Pokemon Type. This guide will show you all the weaknesses and counters to Dark-Type Pokemon in Pokemon Go.

Dark Type Weaknesses and Counters in Pokemon GO

One of the first things to understand about setting up Pokemon that will be good against Dark-Types is that not every Pokemon comes with the same power, and we’re not just talking CP numbers. With each sub-Type, move set and abilities, there are a multitude of ways to set your team up to counter against Dark-Type Pokemon.

Weaknesses and Strengths in Pokemon Go

Dark-Type Pokemon are mainly weak to Bug, Fairy and Fighting-Type Pokemon and are strong against Psychic and Ghost-Type Pokemon. If a type is not listed below, then it does regular 1x (100%) damage to that type:


  • Super Effective: Psychic, Ghost (160% Damage)
  • Not Very Effective: Fighting, Dark and Fairy (62.5% Damage)


  • Weak Against: Fighting, Bug and Fairy (160% Damage)
  • Strong Against: Ghost, Dark (62.5% Damage)

Dark-Type Counters

The main Pokemon Type to use against Dark-Type Pokemon is the Fighting Type because of its usually-strong base Attack stat. In a general sense, Dark-Type Pokemon have weak Physical Defense, so having heavy-hitting Fighting-Type Pokemon will take out Dark-Types with ease.

Other counters, like Fairy and Bug-Types, are also solid choices if you choose the right Pokemon like Togekiss or Genesect. Bug-Types, however, are not resistant to Dark-Type moves like Fairy and Fighting-Type Pokemon are. For that reason, we recommend sticking with either Fairy-Type Pokemon or Fighting-Types.

Pokemon Go is available now for all mobile devices.

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