How to Dig Up Buried Treasure on Fortune’s Keep in Warzone

Search for long lost treasure on Warzone's newest map.

by Diego Perez


The new Fortune’s Keep Warzone map is finally here, and players must dig up buried treasure in various locations around the island to complete a new challenge for the Mercenaries of Fortune event. The Mercenaries of Fortune event has 8 challenges in total, offering a bonus reward to players who complete all of them. This is similar to previous Warzone events, only this time there’s a vehicle skin up for grabs instead of a weapon blueprint.

Most of the challenges revolve around the Fortune’s Keep map and its new mechanics, such as visiting Black Market Buy Stations where you can purchase the new Sequencer Grenade. Digging up buried treasure is also a requirement for a challenge, but most Warzone players are unsure where they should start their search. Here are all the buried treasure locations on Fortune’s Keep in Call of Duty: Warzone Pacific.

Fortune’s Keep Buried Treasure Locations

If you’re looking for buried treasure, then you should begin your search in the Smuggler’s Cove region in the southern part of Fortune’s Keep. Treasure can show up anywhere on the map where you can find sand such as the Grotto, but Smuggler’s Cove is the likeliest spawn location. You can see some general spawn locations for treasure marked on the map below.


To dig up treasure, look for mounds of sand on the beach. Once you find a mound of sand, you’ll be able to dig up buried treasure. You will need to find a shovel first though, so you’re going to have to visit another POI first before you can start treasure hunting.

How to Get a Shovel in Warzone

A shovel can be found in the Graveyard location on the western side of Fortune’s Keep. In the center of the POI, there’s an open grave with a shovel sticking out of the ground next to it. Interact with the shovel to take it. Then, you can go find treasure.


With a shovel in hand, visit any of Fortune’s Keep’s sandy beaches and search for piles of sand that appear out of place. If you approach one of them, you will see a prompt to interact with it. This will use the shovel to dig up the hidden loot, showering you with weapons, ammo, and gear. It’s basically just a fancy loot box.

Digging up buried treasure three times is required to complete a challenge for the Mercenaries of Fortune event that is currently underway in Warzone to commemorate the launch of Season 4. This event has a ton of other challenges that you can complete on Fortune’s Keep, and you can earn a sweet golden vehicle skin if you finish them all.

Call of Duty: Warzone is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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