Leaked Fire Emblem Game Will Have Free Roaming and Characters From Past Games

Making Sense of the Leaked Fire Emblem Title.

by Weilong Mao


The plot thickens as more insiders come out of the woodwork to discuss the leaked mainline game for the series Fire Emblem. The news started circulating on social media platforms and forums starting at the beginning of June, where fans contemplated the arrival date for this month’s Nintendo Direct. Several titles were speculated upon, including more news regarding releases arriving in the upcoming months, such as Splatoon 3 and Xenoblade Chronicles 3. People also raised questions on the state of Fire Emblem, despite the imminent arrival of a Warriors spin-off.

This is presumably due to the series’ long period of absence from Nintendo Direct except in the forms of Spin-offs or DLCs, as the last mainline title Fire Emblem Three Houses was released three years ago, with no official information discussing the prospect of a full-scale title continuing the Fire Emblem name. With Warriors branching off into hack and slash and Heroes a mobile 2D Sprites game paying homage to older Gameboy titles, it’s fair to understand where such curiosities might be coming from for players looking forward to the next 3D RTS piece-maneuvering experience.

Emily Rogers, a Nintendo Insider quickly took to answering such queries. In her forum post, she leaked several points regarding the existence of a Fire Emblem mainline game that has yet to be released, some of the most important include the title being once again a collaboration between Intelligent Systems and Koei Tecmo, graphical improvements over Three Houses, and the title featuring a mechanic that will allow players to summon well-known characters from older titles to assist in battle.

This post was scrutinized until more information was eventually released by other leakers on the Fire Emblem subreddit, the post featured gameplay screenshots and assets that seemingly point to the existence of a world map that could be freely roamed upon, whilst complementing the points that Emily has made regarding the yet to release Fire Emblem title.

Though to be entirely fair to the skeptical player base, it is rather difficult to imagine the main protagonist being a character with flowing locks of hair that is a half and half of red and blue. Such vivid coloring schemes are perhaps more reminiscent of Tokyo Mirage Sessions. This is in opposition to the mainline title that the game is rumored to be, which has been nothing but inspired by medieval or renaissance past times.

Nevertheless, with such information follow-ups by other leakers, the credibility surrounding this on-hold Fire Emblem game is looking to be more and more substantive with time. The question now lies in whether or not Nintendo has an interest in discussing Fire Emblem sequels in the next Nintendo Direct, and if this will prove definitively to be the real deal.

There are currently no official release dates for the next Fire Emblem mainline title.


- This article was updated on June 22nd, 2022

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