My Hello Kitty Cafe: How to Upgrade Equipment

How do you upgrade tools and equipment in My Hello Kitty Cafe?

by Diego Perez


My Hello Kitty Cafe is the latest licensed Roblox experience, and this free game allows players to build and upgrade their very own Hello Kitty-themed cafe. It’s a cute game that’s very pink, but it’s actually got some depth to it despite its appearance. One thing that has confused many players is the game’s upgrade system. It requires special tools that must be purchased with Diamonds, which can be hard to get. Also, players aren’t seeing their equipment in the upgrade menu at all. Thankfully, there’s a simple solution. Here’s how to upgrade your equipment in My Hello Kitty Cafe.

How to Upgrade in My Hello Kitty Cafe

First of all, not everything can be upgraded in My Hello Kitty Cafe. To upgrade something like your Americano Machine, you’ll first need to enter build mode in your cafe and remove it. Then, go to the city and find the Equipment Upgrade vendor, which can be found next to the Sell and Gift Store vendors.

Talk to the Equipment Upgrade vendor and then select “Add Equipment.” Choose the thing you’d like to upgrade (the Americano Machine, for example), and then select “Add Tool.” You then need to purchase the correct tool with Diamonds, which can be purchased, obtained by playing the game, or obtained with special codes.

Buy the upgrade tool that corresponds to your equipment. If you want to upgrade the Americano Machine, for example, then you need to buy the “Prestige Americano Machine upgrade items.”

Once you have the equipment and tool selected, click the upgraded version of the equipment on the right and then click the big green Upgrade button at the bottom of the menu. Now, all you have to do is return to your cafe and place the upgraded machine down.

My Hello Kitty Cafe is available now on Roblox, which is available on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices.

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