Best Scary Roblox Games (2022): 10 Best Horror Games That Are Free

Find out what the top 10 scariest games on Roblox are with our list!

by Shaun Cichacki


Scary and Roblox shouldn’t really go hand in hand.  Though inside the cute exterior, Roblox can provide for some truly scary games on Roblox.  So, let’s grab our flashlights and dive into the Best Scary Roblox Games but what’s better yet, this selection of scary Roblox Horror Games are free as well.

10. The True Backrooms by @Kord_K


If you’ve spent any time on the internet, you’ll know about The Backrooms. A terrifying experience brought to life in the world of Roblox, you’ll need to escape out of these rooms while dealing with the ever-changing sound design. Play with headphones on for a true scare.

9. Three Nightmares by @Official_Bulderme


Surviving through one nightmare sounds like a bad enough time, but three of them? That’s exactly what you’ll be doing in this pulse-pounding horror game, featuring stellar music, sound design, and more, you’ll be sweating as you navigate around this terrifying world.

8. Dark Corners 2 by The Lion Productions


Featuring creatures that wouldn’t be out of place in a Resident Evil or Outlast game, you’ll need to do what you can to avoid these monstrosities and survive as you learn the terrible secrets that encapsulate this world.

7. The Darkness Beyond by Dread Development


Surviving in this house by yourself, or with the help of your friends, you’ll need to close doors and windows to make sure nothing can get in to take you out. You’ll need to be on your toes to avoid the monster, and survive through the night.

6. Nanny by ECB Studios


As a child, there is nothing worse than the idea of a monster in your closet, but what if the monster was someone that your family trusted? Welcome to the world of Nanny, where you’ll need to survive and evade the Nanny, as you avoid her wicked gaze, and what she’ll do if she captures you. Surprisingly intense, and all-around terrifying.

5. Dead Silence by @DoomX10


You’ll be able to take on this game with a total of four players, and it is strongly recommended. You’ll want to be sure that you’re surrounded by people that you trust as you go through the scares and terrors that this game has to offer. There’s a reason why it’s proclaimed one of the scariest games on Roblox!

4. Bewildered by @FilmZen


You’ve moved into a new town to start your life over, but you’ve come to learn that not everything is the way that it seems. Another surprisingly scary game on the platform, you’ll need to do whatever you can to avoid the monsters and ghouls, and wearing a good pair of headphones is strongly recommended, as the sound design is excellent.

3. Pinstripe Murders by Phantom Archive


As you make your way through this PlayStation 1 inspired horror game, you’ll be taken by surprise at the quality of the models that are used. In most Roblox games, you’ll come across big, blocky characters, but the emulation of the PS1 style was done to near perfection here. The gameplay and story are also excellent and provide a great experience for those looking to be scared.

2. Dark Corners by @brolion1


Taking some inspiration from the Five Nights At Freddy’s series, you’ll be pitted into surviving in an area with monsters that may feel a little more familiar to you. While Dark Corners 2 may use the name, the original Dark Corners takes the cake, as it is a fully fleshed-out story set in its unique world.

1. Alone In A Dark House by @umamidayo


Not only was this game nominated for the Best Single Player Horror Game at the Bloxy Awards in 2020, but there have also been many updates that have since polished this into near perfection. Multiplayer support, VR capabilities, and voice chat help elevate this game above its kin on the platform and provide a unique and terrifying experience for anyone brave enough to take it on.

And there we have it, the Top 10 Scary Games on Roblox! You’ll find a surprisingly large list of great free horror games, with scares that rival their big-name competition. Having the ability to make your own horror title will allow you to create the exact type of game that you’re looking for, and these are great examples of why you don’t need to dive into Resident Evil to have some proper scares.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on May 17th, 2022

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