Best Roblox FPS Games: The 15 Best Shooters on Roblox, Ranked(June 2022)

Find out which FPS games are worth your time in ROBLOX!

by Shaun Cichacki


The world of Roblox is full of fun, and crazy ideas. All of the different things that you can experience in this world are crafted by players, and offer up their own unique experiences unlike anything else on the market. Today, we are going to be covering the Top 15 Best FPS Games that you can find in the world of Roblox.

15. Merc Sim by Decade Games


Playing out like a Horde mode on Steroids, you’ll have a blast running and gunning around the world of Merc Sim in Roblox. Made with blocky, yet stylistic graphics, you’ll find this to be a fun way to introduce someone to the idea of a horde-like setting if they’ve never played one before.

14. Bad Business by Bad Business


Take the idea of Fortnite‘s wild customization with the gameplay of Call of Duty, and you’ve got Bad Business. A game in Roblox shouldn’t be this good, but it does offer a surprisingly high skill ceiling, making it hard for newer players to get very good at the game.

13. Energy Assault by Typical Games


Another fast-paced, action-packed FPS game much in the vein of Counter-Strike or Halo, you’ll find a good time to be found here. Taking a lot of what was found in Bad Business and improving upon it, you’ll find a great choice for a shooter here.

12. Counter Blox by ROLVe Community


Taking the fast-paced hectic action of Counter-Strike, you’ll find a near-perfect replica of it inside the world of Roblox. Down to the weapon types, if you’ve played and enjoyed Counter-Strike in the past, this is the next big thing for you.

11. AceOfSpadez by NexusKorthos


Take the building aspect of Minecraft, and combine it with some surprisingly solid gunplay, and you’ll have AceOfSpadez. Taking the building aspect of Fortnite and simplifying it down to the basics, you’ll be able to build your defenses and continue hunting down your opponents.

10. Recoil Zombies by Bad Skeleton


Taking the premise of Call of Duty’s Zombies and making it their own, Recoil Zombies is a fun and frantic game that anyone can enjoy. While this may not be for the younger gamers, due to the sight of some blood, it’s a solid time for anyone that can get their hands on it!

9. Those Who Remain by PEAK


Those familiar with Left 4 Dead will feel right at home with Those Who Remain by PEAK. Throwing you into the middle of the apocalypse, you’ll be tasked with surviving and slaying as many zombies as possible, all while keeping yourself and your team alive.

8. Big Paintball by BIG Games


Big Paintball is one of the more family-friendly entries on this list since there is no blood, guts, or gore involved, just a large group of people playing paintball. Offering great weapons and mechanics, you’ll find yourself having a blast with this game.

7. Arsenal by ROLVe Community


Featuring great gunplay and a good sense of humor, Arsenal is a great choice if you’re looking to play a great game, without worrying about people trying too hard to make the game unenjoyable. With a solid player base, you’ll have a good chance to find a quick match, get in, cause some chaos and have fun.

6. Caliber by iG-Stuidos


With its better than most graphics and smooth animations, Caliber is up and coming, and making waves in the community. You’ll be placed into the matches with fast-paced gunplay, and you’ll need to be on your A-game to take players down, as they are going to be hunting you down just as fast.

5. Weaponry by @Headstackk


With great skins and great gunplay, you’ll have a blast while you’re playing Weaponry. Things are progressing smoothly, with constant updates, new features, and new gameplay types being added quite often. For those looking for realism, this may not be your first choice, but for those looking for fun, it’s hard to beat this.

4. RIOTFALL by Rodeo Interactive


Ditching the blocky Roblox characters for more realistic models, RIOTFALL could easily be mistaken for something released on Steam, rather than the Roblox platform. Featuring frenetic gunplay and fast movement, you’ll be able to fit right in if Call of Duty is your style.

3. Deadline by RECOIL Studio


Based on the Insurgency series, you’ll be looking at a fairly realistic FPS game when you try this out. While the graphics don’t match up to the quality of RIOTFALL, the gameplay trumps all, as you’ll need to take care in the actions you do, rather than blast everything away.

2. Phantom Forces by Stylis Studios


Featuring a crazy amount of customization for your weapons, you’ll be able to change just about everything in this game. From skins to attachments and just about everything in between, you’ll be able to come up with some crazy customizations for your weapons.

1. Frontlines by Maximillian


For those looking to see what ROBLOX can do, there is no better option than Frontlines, as it is the most graphically impressive game on the market. Featuring models that wouldn’t look out of place in a popular AAA game, this is a truly impressive test to show off what ROBLOX can handle.

And there we have it, the top 15 FPS games available to play on Roblox! You’ll be able to try any of these out as long as you have an account, so get to it and try them all on for size!

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, iOS, and Android.

- This article was updated on April 28th, 2022

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