Roblox NFL Football Locations: Where to Find All 56 Footballs in NFL Tycoon

Here is how to collect all 56 footballs in Roblox NFL Tycoon!

by Noah Nelson


NFL just released an official NFL Tycoon on Roblox, and in it, they hid 56 footballs to collect. The NFL Tycoon itself has an amazing tutorial and is a great tycoon to enjoy, but finding all 56 footballs is the real prize. If you collect all 56 footballs, you will be rewarded with a free Wilson Super Bowl LVI Commemorative Football that is very limited-edition and rare. In this guide, we’ll tell you exactly where all 56 footballs are in the Roblox NFL Tycoon.

Roblox NFL Tycoon 56 Football Locations

The footballs are not hard to find since they have a yellow glow. To collect a football, all you have to do is walk onto it. Without further adieu, here is how to find all 56 football locations:

  1. Travel through the big NFL portal into the main lobby. The first football is at the base of the palm tree just left of the big football helmet statues.
  2. Look behind the LVI Super Bowl statue for the second football.
  3. To your right, under the Bengals tent closest to the Packer’s logo is the third football.
  4. Under the Bengals tent closest to the Eagle’s logo is the fourth football.
  5. Under the Bengals tent furthest from the big football helmet statues is the fifth football.
  6. Travel straight to the door of the blue building for the sixth football.
  7. Heading down the street towards the tunnel, under the Patriot’s black tent is the seventh football.
  8. Straight to the two red buildings with the pink windows, at the corner of the building on the left is the eighth football.
  9. Follow the road traveling away from the tunnel, the fifth building on your left is the ninth football.
  10. Diagonally across from #9, past the Buccaneer’s black tent is the tenth football.
  11. Back to the road, the next building on the left is the eleventh football.
  12. The building after #11 is the twelve football.
  13. Down the street and on the corner, under a Jet’s black tent is the thirteenth football.
  14. To the left of the NFL Shop entrance is the fourteenth football.
  15. Football #14 will count as two footballs.
  16. Continue on the road to the right of the NFL Shop. Under a palm tree to your left is the sixteenth football.
  17. Cut straight through the buildings towards a Chief’s black tent. Under it is the seventeenth football.
  18. Continue down and right on the road. By a blue building and a Packer’s white tent is the eighteenth football.
  19. Travel down the road. Under the black Seahawks tent is the nineteenth football.
  20. Directly across, between two orange buildings, is the twentieth football.
  21. Now on the other side of the road, travel back towards the portal. To your right, under a palm tree, is the twenty-one football.
  22. Turn around. By the cave is the football twenty-two.
  23. Continue up the beach for football twenty-three under a palm tree.
  24. Directly in front of you, on the corner of the sidewalk, is football twenty-four.
  25. Back to the beachside of the street, football twenty-five is by the rock pool.
  26. Right next to #25 is football twenty-six.
  27. Follow the river, pass the waterfall, and collect football twenty-seven under a palm tree.
  28. Travel to the tunnel and up the sand on the right side. Under a palm tree is football twenty-eight.
  29. Continue up the beach for football twenty-nine under a palm tree.
  30. Behind the rock pool is football thirty.
  31. Don’t know.
  32. Travel back to the center of the map. While facing the big helmet statues, take the road to your left. At the third house, the yellow house, is football thirty-two.
  33. At the Bills main logo is the thirty-third football.
  34. At the left-most LA yellow tent is football thirty-four.
  35. Directly across, at the blue house, is football thirty-five.
  36. Up the street and to the left at a blue house is football thirty-six.
  37. Under a yellow LA tent next to the Texan’s logo is football thirty-seven.
  38. Directly across at the door of an orange house is football thirty-eight.
  39. At the Raven’s main logo is football thirty-nine.
  40. Following the road behind the center of the map, directly across from the Raiders is football forty.
  41. Continuing along the street, under a palm tree is football forty-one.
  42. Continuing along the street and right at the fork, at the door of a yellow house on your left is football forty-two.
  43. Continuing along the street, directly across from the Chiefs is football forty-three.
  44. In the NFL Shop, on the right hidden in the Texan’s merch is football forty-four.
  45. Continuing straight, hidden in the Charger’s merch is football forty-five.
  46. In the back left corner of the store, hidden in the Titan’s merch is football forty-six.
  47. Continuing down towards the front of the store, hidden in the Steeler’s merch is football forty-seven.
  48. Hidden in the Eagle’s merch is football forty-eight.
  49. Hidden in the Dolphin’s merch is football forty-nine.
  50. In the hot air balloon box outside of the NFL Shop is football fifty.
  51. Travel back to the center. Directly across from the Bills and under an LA yellow tent is football fifty-one.
  52. Along the beach to the right of the NFL Shop, in the waterfall is football fifty-two.
  53. Continue up the beach for football fifty-three under a palm tree.
  54. Directly across from #53, to the right of the two orange buildings is football fifty-four.
  55. Continue up the road and to the right of the tunnel. Football fifty-five is at the corner of the orange building.
  56. The last football is across from the Jaguar’s logo, behind a blue Charger’s tent, and at the base of an orange building.

And there you have it, all 56 footballs in Roblox NFL Tycoon. Wait an hour or so for the free Commemorative LVI Super Bowl Football to enter your inventory.

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