How to Enable Voice Chat in Roblox

Looking to Voice Chat in Roblox?

by Shubhendu Vatsa


Ever since the developers have added the option to voice chat in Roblox, many players have been wondering how to enable the same and use it to chat among friends. The feature was first designed and developed as a beta product in February of 2021 and was released as a final build a couple of months ago.

However, as of now, not all players can enable the voice chat feature. As per Roblox, players above the age of 13 who have completed their age verification process can use the voice chat feature in Roblox. This guide will explain how players can verify themselves and enable the voice chat option in Roblox.

​How to Enable Voice Chat in Roblox

​Enabling the voice chat option in Roblox is divided into a few steps which first requires you to verify that you are above 13 years old and submit ID proof of the same. As per Roblox, a majority of their players are above 13 years old and they “want to make sure that everyone can express themselves in a safe and respectful way. Being confident in a user’s age and identity is a critical foundation for metaverse safety and civility.” Here’s how you can verify your age in Roblox.

  • Login to your Roblox account and tap on Settings.
  • Go to Account Info and select Verify My Age under your birthday.
  • A popup will appear with a QR code. Scan this QR code with your mobile device.
  • Tap on Start Session to begin the verification process.
  • Follow the instructions and then scan your ID proof.
  • Then you will need to capture a selfie.
  • Perform the remaining steps and you should be verified in a few minutes.

Enabling Voice Chat in Roblox

​After getting verified, you can enable or turn off the voice chat feature within the settings menu. On PC, search for the gear icon in the upper right-hand corner, then from the drop-down menu click Settings. In the settings menu, go to the Privacy tab and enable Spatial Voice Chat. On mobile, find and click the circle with three dots in the bottom right-hand corner. Scroll until you see the cog icon. After finding it, click the option and then Privacy and enable the feature.

You can even mute or unmute specific players by taking your cursor to their names. Voice chat is an essential feature and it is really great to finally have it in Roblox.

Roblox is available now on PC, Xbox One, and mobile devices. If it’s Roblox codes that you seek, check out these guides for Roblox Anime Worlds Simulator Codes, Shindo Life Codes, Anime Fighters Codes and more.

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