Fortnite: Where to Find Tover Tokens in Lil Shaftie

Here are all of the Tover Token locations in Lil' Shaftie.

by Noah Nelson


A lot has changed in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 like the inclusion of Tover Tokens in Lil’ Shaftie. This small POI that is close to Synapse Station will require you to do some mining to collect all of the Tover Tokens within. Since they can be hard to find, here is your guide to the Tover Token locations in Lil’ Shaftie in Fortnite.

Tover Token Locations in Lil’ Shaftie

There are 3 Tover Tokens hidden in Lil’ Shaftie. If you want to collect all of the Tover Tokens in order to fully customize Snap, check out the rest of our Fortnite guides. Not only do we have Tover Token guides for every place in Fortnite like Reality Falls and The Joneses, but we also cover how to unlock Darth Vader and much more.

Lil’ Shaftie Tover Token #1

The first Tover Token in Lil’ Shaftie is easy enough to collect since it is at the entrance. To enter Lil’ Shaftie and collect the rest of the Tover Tokens, you’ll need to slide in through the small entrance. This can be found northwest of Synapse Station and directly east of the lake there.

Lil’ Shaftie Tover Token #2

After you’ve entered Lil’ Shaftie, the second Tover Token can be found by taking the first right and continuing straight until you’ve hit the end of the hall. Take the left down the ramp and the second Tover Token will be right there at the end of the railway tracks.

Lil’ Shaftie Tover Token #3

The third Tover Token can be found by following the railway tracks back. This will take you through the center of Lil’ Shaftie and up to the second level. It’s here that you’ll find the last Tover Token. Now you have all three Tover Tokens in Lil’ Shaftie!

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