Fortnite: Where to Find Tover Tokens in Sanctuary

Here are all of the Tover Token locations in Sanctuary.

by Noah Nelson


The newest collectible in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 called Tover Tokens can be found in Sanctuary. These collectibles will complete quests for you but also unlock new parts for Snap, the first customizable skin in the game. Of course, they can be found in all of the other POIs across the map too, but this guide will focus on the Fortnite Tover Tokens in Sanctuary.

Tover Token Locations in Sanctuary

Similar to other POIs, Sanctuary has only 3 Tover Tokens to collect. In fact, if you are curious about collecting the other Tover Tokens in places like Sleepy Sound, Condo Canyon, The Joneses, and more, check out our Fortnite guides. On top of collecting Tover Tokens for Snap, we also cover other Chapter 3 Season 3 content like how to unlock Darth Vader and how to get free Dazzle Daggers. Whatever you’re looking for, you can find it at Attack of the Fanboy.

Sanctuary Tover Token #1

In the northernmost building is where you’ll find the first Tover Token in Sanctuary. Approach the building from the west side, enter through the first archway, and turn right. The Tover Token will be right there just in front of a wide archway.

Sanctuary Tover Token #2

The second Tover Token is easy to spot as it is in the center of the area. You’ll easily see it because it is right in the middle of a cluster of tall stones that surround it.

Sanctuary Tover Token #3

For the last Tover Token in Sanctuary, keep heading south until you are at the end of the area. You’ll find this Tover Token in the middle of a path that runs between two patches of tall grass. Once you’ve got it, you’ll have collected all Tover Tokens in Sanctuary.

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