A General Nintendo Direct Could Still Be Coming This Month After Xenoblade Direct

An Assortment of Game-Related News Will Potentially Follow the Nintendo Direct for Xenoblade Chronicles 3.

by Weilong Mao


With confirmation that the Nintendo Direct happening in June is slated only to include an extended showing of Xenoblade Chronicles 3, fans of other first-party titles belonging to Nintendo gradually toned down their excitement regarding the presentation. Nintendo Direct to this day still proves itself to be the most reliable avenue for players to get first-hand information on the games that are being developed and or released on the Nintendo Switch. This is despite the program differing in length and scope depending on the plans of Nintendo.

Back in February, a large number of titles were announced during the Nintendo Direct of that month. The list includes a notable amount of well-known Nintendo IPs, ranging from spin-offs for franchises like Mario and Fire Emblem, to mainline sequels for Splatoon, Kirby, and Xenoblade Chronicles. The February program serves as an appropriate example of the kind of content reveal that Nintendo players hope for with the arrival of every Direct.

Curiously enough, there is information that would seemingly suggest that the Xenoblade presentation isn’t the only thing happening this month. In the aptly named Gaming Leaks and Rumours subreddit, a user notes the accuracy of a 4-chan poster who’s predicted the Xenoblade Chronicles 3 announcement.

Due to the accuracy of the 4-chan poster, the Redditor presumes they have insider information, and hopes that the 4-chan user is right in their claims for a June Nintendo Direct that will discuss other Nintendo Games next week, following the full presentation for Xenoblade Chronicles 3. This belief is further reinforced by the fact that the poster predicted the Direct to be entirely based on Xenoblade Chronicles 3 before the official announcement.

It’s hard to say whether or not this trust is misplaced, owing to the difficulty of ascertaining the validity of claims made by leakers or data miners when it is only words that they have offered. As opposed to images or assets that could be looked at to verify their claims. In the instance where such claims are valid, however, Nintendo will likely follow suit with the Direct that they did in February, announcing numerous third-party and first-party titles that are being released on the Nintendo Switch.

Aside from the claims being purely speculative, the only harm that could come from such rumors is the potential for disappointment when next week comes along. The question is how long this could keep Nintendo fans entertained, and what guesses they’ll make as to the big announcements that Nintendo can make during the next Direct.

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