Fortnite: Fastest Ways to Ignite Structures for Volcanic Assassin Pack

Set structures ablaze to finish objectives quickly

by Caleb Stultz


With new quests being added and new objectives for gamers to finish, Fortnite has plenty of content to offer all the time. Completing these objectives rewards gaming with experience and rewards. One objective in the game has playing going around and setting structures on fire on the island. By doing this, players will earn the Volcanic Assassin Pack for free. Here are the fastest ways to ignite these structures to earn the Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite.

Fastest Ways to Ignite Structures for Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite

There are two very easy ways to ignite structures for the Volcanic Assassin Pack in Fortnite. Those two ways are:

  • Obtaining fireflies.
  • Obtaining a bow with a fire arrow equipped.

Out of the two, getting fireflies to set things on fire is the easiest. To get fireflies in Fortnite Chapter Three. The best place to find fireflies is in the woods between Greasy Grove and Camp Cuddle. After you have found and caught the fireflies, go to the areas where there are lots of buildings. Get to a wooden house or a structure and throw the fireflies at them. By repeating this same process, you will be able to set enough structures on fire to complete the objective.

Be very careful of fires on the ground. These fires spread fast and can hurt your character. Go to higher ground before throwing your fireflies to not get burned.

After you have burned enough structures for the objective, you will have the quest completed notification pop up on your screen and you will see that you have unlocked a piece of the cosmetic pack. You will need to get 2,100 damage and survive 50 Storm Circles to get all the other Tectonic Komplex Skin pieces.

Fortnite is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and Mobile devices.

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