Metroid Prime 4 Could Be a Huge Focus of Nintendo’s E3 Direct

Can fans expect to see news for the latest Metroid Prime entry soon?

by Marc Magrini


It’s been a long time since Metroid Prime 4 was first announced. While many thought it would release as early as 2018, the game ended up unable to meet Nintendo’s standards. Development on the title was restarted in 2019, and no major updates were given since then. Despite its muddy development, there’s a high probability that Metroid Prime 4 could be a huge focus of a potential Nintendo Direct for E3. While there will be no official E3 showcase, June is historically a time when Nintendo makes some of their biggest reveals, and the timing of a re-reveal for this title couldn’t be more perfect.

Could Metroid Prime 4 be a Huge Focus of the Next Nintendo Direct?

It’s been three years since development on the newest Metroid Prime title was restarted. At first, Retro Studios – the makers of the first three Prime games – were not even part of the project. Instead, it was in the hands of an entirely new team before Nintendo pulled the plug and brought the original developers back on board. One year after development restarted, a job listing for Retro Studios was made public, showing that the company was seeking a Lead Producer for the role. The company has made similar listings since then, with the most recent one being from January 2022.

As one could infer from this information, it seems that Metroid Prime 4 is still very much in its development stages. But it’s also not a stretch to say that they could already have some footage or information ready to show off. Nintendo’s March Financial Results report notes that Metroid Prime 4’s upcoming release is TBA – to be announced, rather than to be determined. It could be that Nintendo already has a time in mind for their release of Prime 4 – and putting a huge focus on it during a Nintendo Direct would be sure to get fans hyped.

Could Other Games Take Precedence Over Metroid Prime 4?


While it’s still unknown if Nintendo will even make a Direct for June 2022, such a presentation would be the perfect place for incredible reveals. Fans might already expect games like Splatoon 3 to appear during it, while others speculate that it could be a perfect time for a brand-new mainline Mario game. However, most potential contenders for an E3 reveal are either fully expected already or are complete guesses that may or may not be in development. The only announced game with enough hype and mystery behind it to match Metroid Prime 4 is the upcoming sequel to Breath of the Wild. But the Zelda game’s constant delays and uncertain future has some believing it might not make an appearance at all this month.

Of course, this area of discussion is rife with speculation. If Nintendo decides to show off or announce other games while leaving Metroid Prime 4 in the dust, it may simply be due to the game not yet being in a presentable state. As far as fans are aware, the game’s development has gone much more smoothly compared to how it went before Retro Studios was handling it. Until more information about the game and its future, all fans can really do is wait and see. Samus will eventually return, just as she returned many years ago.

Metroid Prime 4 has no known release date but will almost certainly be an exclusive title for the Nintendo Switch.

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