Red Dead Redemption 2 How to Target Multiple Enemies With Dead Eye

One of the coolest ways to dish out murder.

by AOTF Staff


There are a few different ways to use Dead Eye in Red Dead Redemption 2.  But one of the coolest ways to use it is being able to target multiple enemies at once.  To activate Dead Eye you have to have your gun drawn and you’ll need to have some dead eye energy.

Once you’ve got your gun drawn then you can activate Dead Eye by pressing the right thumbstick in.  To target multiple enemies while using Dead Eye you can do so by aiming with the right stick and then pressing the RB to target the enemy.

After you select multiple targets with RB it will automatically fire on those targets in rapid succession.  Targeting multiple people with Dead Eye is one of the best ways to take out multiple enemies because time will be slowed and you’ll take minimal damage while you are doing this.

The downside is that you will spend plenty of your Dead Eye energy doing this.

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