Red Dead Redemption 2 What Does Completing Challenges Do?

Are they worth doing?

by AOTF Staff


There are numerous challenges in Red Dead Redemption 2 that will task you with completing certain objectives that will help you become proficient in the many different facets of the game.  Completing these challenges can be a lengthy process, so is it worth doing them?

The short answer is yes.  The longer answer is, not really.

Completing the challenges in RDR2 will net you some unique items but they don’t really have an impact on the story.  If you are looking to 100% complete the game you will need to complete these challenges and they will take you on some cool adventures as well as teach you some interesting things about the game and show you everything you can do.

Completing each challenge section will give you an opportunity to unlock something new, but they are not mandatory and will not give you anything that you need in the game to complete the story.

You can keep track of your challenge progress by going to the progress tab in the pause menu.  From there go over to challenges and you can see items for Bandit Challenges, Explorer Challenges, Gambler Challenges, Herbalist Challenges, Horseman Challenges, Master Hunter Challenges, Sharpshooter Challenges, Survivalist Challenges, and Weapons Expert Challenges.  Each Challenge has 10 unique things to do to complete it.  Completing a challenge will unlock the next challenge in the section.

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