PS5 Restock Details This Week (May 15-22): Best Buy, Amazon, and More

Here's what you need to know to get a PS5 this week.

by Diego Perez


Still need a PlayStation 5? There are multiple retailers expected to get PS5  restocks soon, and we’ve got all the info you need to prepare for upcoming stock drops this week. Even if you know when a restock is coming, actually adding a PlayStation 5 to your cart and checking out is an entirely different story. It’s best to keep an eye on multiple retailers for this reason. Here’s what we know about PS5 restocks this week so far.

How to Get Alerted for PlayStation 5 Restocks

Along with following social media channels for all retailers just in case they announce a stock drop in advance, there are a few additional tools you can use to secure a PS5 console for yourself. These Discord servers, mobile apps, and Twitter pages are all very useful.


Target PS5 Restock

Target is very sporadic with its PlayStation 5 restocks. There were three PS5 restock opportunities at Target recently, taking place on April 15, 18, and 22. There’s no telling when the next stock drop will take place since there’s not really a schedule that Target follows for online restocks. They tend to restock in the mornings around 8 AM ET online though if you’re dead set on going that route.

However, Target is one of the few retailers where you have a decent chance of finding a PS5 system at a local store. Unlike online restocks, these local stock drops aren’t advertised ahead of time. Check stock trackers like Brickseek to see if your store has any systems in stock every morning when they open.



Walmart PS5 Restock

Walmart tends to restock PlayStation 5 systems online once a month. The last restock at Walmart took place on April 7, so expect to see new consoles sometime soon in May. Restocks are only available for Walmart+ members though, and the free trial doesn’t count.

These are always announced ahead of time though, so keep an eye on Walmart’s Twitter page for details. You can purchase a one-month subscription of Walmart+ for $13 to be eligible for PS5 purchases when they become available.


Amazon PS5 Restock

Amazon is the least reliable retailer on this list for PS5 restocks. The last Amazon PS5 stock drop took place on April 19, but nobody knows when it will get more consoles since its release schedule is so sporadic. PS5 stock drops are also only available to Amazon Prime members, and just like with Walmart+, the free trial won’t work. Consoles usually sell out in seconds when they become available though, so it’s not worth trying with Amazon.


Best Buy PS5 Restock

Best Buy can also be a little unpredictable with its stock drops, but it tends to restock PS5 consoles online on Fridays between 12 PM ET and 3 PM ET. Some restocks have happened on Mondays and Thursdays though, so it’s best to check every day. Best Buy restocked PS5 systems twice in April, so the next stock drop is likely incoming soon.

There is a trick you can use to check for PS5 systems at your local Best Buy store as well. Just follow these steps to see if the PS5 is in stock locally:

  • Download the Best Buy app and sign in.
  • Search for the PS5.
  • Toggle “In stock at (local store)” in the search results.
  • If the PS5 still appears when the local store toggle is enabled, that store may have PS5 consoles in stock.
  • If it does not appear, try again with a different Best Buy store.
  • When you find a Best Buy that potentially has a PS5, go to the store and ask if they have it.
  • You will need to use the SKU 6426149 for the standard PlayStation 5 and the SKU 6430161 for the PlayStation 5 Digital Edition.
  • If they say it is out of stock, check with a manager to be sure.

It doesn’t guarantee that your local Best Buy store will have a system in stock, but some people have reported finding a PS5 console with this method.


GameStop PS5 Restock

Gamestop tends to restock PS5 consoles twice a month. In April, there were PS5 systems available at GameStop stores on the 2nd and 23rd. A restock hasn’t happened yet in May, so GameStop may only be hosting one stock drop this month. Still, it’s basically guaranteed to happen before the end of the month, so here’s what you need to know.

GameStop rarely does online stock drops anymore. Instead, all of its PS5 restocks are in-store events. Keep an eye out for local store announcements and watch GameStop’s Twitter page for details. You’ll have to line up at a GameStop store if you go this route, but at least you’ll know when they’ll have some in advance.


PlayStation Direct PS5 Restock

PlayStation Direct is the most reliable way to get a PS5, but it’s hard to get access. PlayStation Direct typically restocks PS5 consoles once per month, with the least stock drop taking place on April 25. To get access, you have to sign up via email and hope you’re selected to purchase a PS5. Then, you can wait in a virtual queue to buy one.

You won’t have to race anyone either since you’re guaranteed a window of time to check out, but you have to get that elusive invitation first.


Antonline PS5 Restock

Antonline hasn’t restocked the PlayStation 5 since March 2, so a new stock drop could happen any time at this online retailer. However, it’s not recommended to buy a PS5 from Antonline since they don’t sell the console on its own. You’ll be forced to purchase an expensive bundle with games and additional accessories if you go this route.

If you still want to purchase a PS5 from this retailer, then stay tuned to Antonline’s Twitter page for announcements since they’re usually announced ahead of time.

The PlayStation 5 is available now.

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