How to catch Slaking in Pokemon Go

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go has numerous Pokemon to joyfully acquire and some of these Pokemon have much higher max CP than others. One of these Pokemon is Slaking which has a CP of a whopping 5010 and that’s not even a Mega evolved pokemon. You will no doubt be wanting to try and get this Pokemon if you are planning to battle a lot within the game or simply want to deck out your Pokemon list with some of the very best. This guide article will take you through the process of how to get Slaking in Pokemon Go.

Acquiring Slaking in Pokemon Go

Slaking can be found much easier during the TCG crossover event at the moment. You will have a chance of getting Slaking from the “Catch 40 Pokemon” Field Research task, however it does not mean for definite that you will find Slaking. You can get event-specific field research tasks from spinning PokeStops and Gym discs. Further, you also have a chance of getting this Pokemon from a 3-star raid during this event so be sure to try this method.

If you are not currently playing Pokemon Go during the TCG event then don’t worry as there is still a main way of acquiring Slaking. This involves you evolving Slakoth and Vigoroth. Slaking is the fully evolved version of Slakoth so evolving the Pokemon that are before it will allow you to work your way towards evolving Vigoroth into Slaking. After that, Slaking will be yours and you can bring them along for whatever you are planning to do within the game.

Time to get busy with the TCG event and get Slaking as quickly as possible this month if you’re looking for a pokemon with a high max CP!

Pokémon GO is available this very second to download now for IOS and Android.

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