How to get Best Buddy in Pokemon Go

Best methods to level up your Buddy status with your Pokemon

by Caleb Stultz


The buddy system in Pokemon Go allows for players to get Pokemon candies while exploring together.

This makes it very useful for when you cannot find a rare Pokemon out in the wild very often. There are certain distances for each type of Pokemon in getting candies for that particular Pokemon. Here is how to get Best Buddy in Pokemon Go.

How to get Best Buddy with your Pokemon in Pokemon Go

There are four different statuses to reach with the Pokemon that you have made as your buddy. In order, they are Good Buddy, Great Buddy, Ultra Buddy, and Best Buddy. To level up your Buddy status with your Pokemon Buddy, you can keep it next to you while you explore the world together.

Leveling up your Pokemon’s Buddy level is based on how many hearts you have with that Pokemon. Here are how many hearts it takes to level up your Pokemon to each rank:

  • Good Buddy: One heart
  • Great Buddy: 70 hearts
  • Ultra Buddy: 150 hearts
  • Best Buddy: 300 hearts

If you complete every field research activity that you can do with your buddy, you can earn at least 12 hearts a day. When your Buddy Pokemon has the “Excited” mood, that Pokemon will receive double hearts.

Ways to increase Buddy level

Trainers can also increase their Buddy level with their Pokemon and reach Best Buddy by walking around with that Pokemon, but only by feeding them either a berry or a poffin. After trainers have fed their Buddy Pokemon, that Pokemon’s Buddy level should appear on the screen as trainers walk around.

After feeding them a berry or a poffin, trainers can also level up battling other Pokemon, playing together, taking a picture of them, or visiting a new place together. Down below is how to feed your Pokemon a berry to level up their Buddy level:


Take the berry out of the bottom left corner of your screen, dangle it around your Pokemon until they notice it, then bring it closer to them until they eat it. After they have eaten the berry, they will have a berry symbol with a ring around it over their head. This means you can start leveling up.

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Pokemon Go is available for mobile devices.

- This article was updated on June 13th, 2022

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