Pokemon GO: How to Catch Amaura and Can It Be Shiny?

The answer may not be what you expect

by Caleb Stultz


The new Season of Go in Pokemon Go has finally begun with new content available for veteran players and new players to the series. With Go Fest just finished up, players will now be in Adventure Week which is from June 7 to June 12. Adventure Week will be held for the first time since 2019 and the event usually has Rock-Type Pokemon as well as Fossil Pokemon.

For 2022, Adventure Week will feature Amaura and Tyrunt as they make their debut in the game. In this guide, we will answer how to catch Amaura and whether the Pokemon can be shiny.

How to Catch Amaura and Can It Be Shiny in Pokemon Go?

Both of the fossil Pokemon from the sixth generation of the games can currently be found through 7km eggs during the Adventure Week event. They are also available as rewards for Field Research tasks given to Pokemon Go trainers. Amaura’s evolved form, Aurorus, cannot be found in the wild or through the event. Players will need to evolve Amaura to get the evolved Pokemon.

Usually when Niantic puts out new Pokemon into Pokemon Go, they do not make them immediately available in their shiny forms. This goes for Amaura and Tyrunt as well. This means that players cannot get shiny versions of these Pokemon nor their evolved versions.

There are two other Pokemon that make their shiny form introductions this week, though. Those two, during Adventure Week 2022, will be Tirtouga and Archen. Be on the lookout for these Unova Pokemon and their shiny forms. They originally joined the available Pokemon to catch in January 2020.

Maybe it won’t take that long to see Amaura and Tyrunt’s shiny forms to come to Pokemon Go.

Pokemon Go’s Adventure Week will last for five days from June 7 to June 12.

Pokemon Go is available for all mobile devices.

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