Pokemon GO: All June 2022 Field Research Tasks & Rewards

Time to complete the Pokemon Go tasks this month!

by Gordon Bicker


Pokemon Go is having players frantically returning to the experience due to the fact that the Pokemon Go Fest is now happening for the game. Eager fans have been immersing themselves in everything it has to offer. However, some players have of course been wanting to work through all of the Field Research tasks for the month as usual. This guide article will take you through all of the Pokemon Go June Field Research tasks and rewards for the month.

All June Pokemon GO Field Research Tasks and Rewards

There are a lot of tasks and rewards on offer as always and they are:

Task Type Objective Potential Rewards (An asterisk indicates the Possibility of a shiny)
Catching Catch 5 Pokemon With Weather Boost Vulpix*, Snover*, Hippopotas*, Poliwag*
Catching Catch 10 Normal-type Pokemon Ten Pidgeot Mega Energy
Catching Catch 5 Pokemon Swinub*, Baltoy*, Cubone*
Catching Catch 10 Fire-type Pokemon 10 Charizard Mega Energy
Catching Catch one Dragon-type Pokemon Dratini*, Bagon*
Catching Catch seven Pokemon Magikarp*
Catching Use 5 berries to help catch Pokemon Trapinch*,Geodude*, Phanpy*,
Catching Catch 5 Rock-type Pokemon Diglett (Alola)*, Diglett*
Catching Catch 10 Grass-type Pokemon Ten Venusaur Mega Energy
Catching Catch 10 Water-Type Pokemon Ten Blastoise Mega Energy
Throwing Make 5 Nice Throws Dunsparce*
Throwing Make An Excellent Throw Dratini*
Throwing Make 3 Excellent Throws in a Row Gible*
Throwing Make 5 Great Curveball Throws in a Row Spinda*
Throwing Make 3 Great Throws in a Row Onix*
Throwing Make 3 Great Throws Lileep*, Snubbull*, Anorith*
Battle/Raids Battle in the GO Battle League Joltik
Battle/Raids Battle 2 Team Go Rocket Grunts Grimer*
Battle/Raids Win 5 Raids Aerodactyl*
Battle/Raids Win a Level 3 or Higher Raid Kabuto*, Omanyte*
Battle/Raids Battle alongside your Buddy While it’s Adventuring With You. Koffing*, Venonat*
Power Up Power Up Pokemon 3 Times Bulbasaur*, Charmander*, Squirtle*
Power Up Power Up Pokemon 5 Times Cyndaquil*, Chikorita*, Totodile*
Power Up Power Up Pokemon 7 Times Mudkip*, Treecko*, Torchic*
Power Up Power Up Pokemon 5 Times 10 Pidgeot Mega Energy, 10 Beedrill Mega Energy, 10 Charizard Mega Energy, 10 Blastoise Mega Energy, 10 Venusaur Mega Energy
Power Up Power Up Pokemon 10 Times 25 Aerodactyl Mega Energy
Buddy/Friendship Trade A Pokemon Graveler
Buddy/Friendship Walk 2 Km With Your Buddy Eevee*
Buddy/Friendship Send 3 Gifts and Add a Sticker To Each Hitmonlee*, Hitmonchan*
Buddy/Friendship Earn 2 Candies Walking With Your Buddy Bunnelby*
Buddy/Friendship Earn 3 Candies Walking With Your Buddy Stunfisk*
Buddy/Friendship Play With Your Buddy Chinchou*
Miscellaneous Take a Snapshot of a Wild Pokemon Hoppip*, Yanma*, Murkrow*
Miscellaneous Hatch an Egg Mantine*, Larvitar*
Miscellaneous Spin 3 Pokestops or Gyms Sudowoodo*
Miscellaneous Spin 5 Pokestops or Gyms Ralts*
Miscellaneous Hatch 2 Eggs Beldum*
Miscellaneous Evolve a Pokemon Eevee*
Miscellaneous Take a Snapshot of a Rock-type Pokemon Rhyhorn*

As can be observed, there is certainly a lot to get busy with this month for the experience! Whether you’re continuing playing through the Pokemon GO Fest at the moment or simply want to get started with the many Field Research tasks, there is something for everyone.

Pokémon GO is available to download now for free on IOS and Android.

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