Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – How to Catch Costumed Pikachu

Another costumed Pikachu to add to the collection.

by Caleb Stultz


A new Shaymin-costumed version of Pikachu just dropped for Pokemon GO during GO Fest. With fans old and new to the series of Pokemon, there will always be the mascot of the series that nearly anyone can identify: Pikachu. With so many costumed versions of the Pokemon in the game, it’s no surprise that there would be another in this festival that includes content for new and old players alike. Here is what the new costume looks like and how to catch the costumed Pikachu.

How to Catch Costumed Pikachu in Pokemon GO Fest 2022

You will be able to catch the Shaymin-costumed Pikachu in any wild areas or get one by beating one in one-star raids. You can get a shiny version of the costumed Pikachu in this event.


Galarian Weezing is also being introduced during this event. Costumed Pikachu will have the same shiny odds as any other Pokemon in Pokemon GO. You will need to search high and low to find a shiny version of this special event Pokemon.

Here are all the shiny Pokemon you can find in the Rainforest Habitat during Go Fest 2022.

The Shaymin-inspired Costume Pikachu will appear throughout the entirety of Go Fest 2022. You will have the best chance of finding the shiny version of any other special event Pokemon during Go Fest.

Though using Pikachu candies for important things like leveling up your Pikachu, you do not need to waste Poke Balls trying to catch every Shaymin Costume Pikachu you see.

Here is a guide to everything else involved in Pokemon GO Fest 2022, including the schedule for events, new shinies involved, and more.

Pikachu is a relatively easy catch. So don’t sweat using Great Balls and above for under-leveled Pikachus. Use the colored ring as a reference for which ball to use or for which fruit to use alongside the Poke Ball to make it easier to catch.

Pokemon GO is available on all mobile devices.

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