Pokemon GO Fest 2022 – Best Day to Catch Shiny Pokemon

Find out the best day to try to find shiny Pokemon during GO Fest!

by Shaun Cichacki


If you’re going out and about for Pokemon GO Fest 2022, you may be interested in getting your hands on some new, shiny Pokemon. Thankfully, you’ll have a much better chance than normal to get your hands on some of these special kinds of Pokemon, but you may be wondering which day will be the best day to try to catch them.

Let’s take a look into what’s on the menu, and which day of the event will be the best for trying to get your hands on different shiny Pokemon, so you can start making your team more unique than ever. Here’s our look into the best day to catch Shiny Pokemon during GO Fest

What Is The Best Day To Shiny Hunt During Pokemon GO Fest?

If you’re getting yourself ready both physically and digitally for the newest Pokemon GO Fest event, you may also be looking for the best day to get out with your friends, or on your own to try to start finding shiny Pokemon.

While shiny Pokemon offer no competitive advantage in battle, they do make great conversation pieces, as well as a way to show off to your friends that you have a unique Pokemon that they may love. You could use them to leverage a better than average trade, or just make them your new buddy to you can start earning more candies while you go out on a walk. No matter the reason, getting your hands on a shiny is something that many players crave, so getting the odds in your favor can help you with this task.

If you’re looking to find a shiny, the best time to do that is going to be on Saturday, June 4th. Players that have also sprung for the GO Fest Ticket will have a greater chance of getting their new favorite Pokemon, either on their own or with the help of incense, which allows you to bring more Pokemon to your location. If you’re looking for a list of who you should keep your eyes peeled for, we’ve got you covered with a list of all of the shiny Pokemon during GO Fest.

Since the odds are more in your favor, make sure that you’ve freed up enough space in your item storage, and that you’ve got enough Pokeballs to catch every Pokemon you’d like to get your hands on, shiny or not. If you’re looking to find some new legendary Pokemon, you’ll also get a chance to get a Shaymin, as long as you’ve put down the cash for a GO Fest Ticket. If you’re looking to socialize with those in your surroundings without staring at your phone, make sure to check out our thoughts on the Pokemon GO Plusas well as a whole list of auto catcher devices that can help you keep your eyes off of the screen, and on your friends that are with you.

Pokemon GO is available now on mobile devices.

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