Destiny 2 Unforgiven God Roll: Best Perks for PVP and PVE

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by Noah Nelson


Though Destiny 2 really doesn’t need another Void Submachine gun especially right after The Title, Unforgiven is here and it can be a menace with the right perks. As if Season of the Haunted hasn’t already brought Opulent and Haunted weapons to enjoy, the new Duality Dungeon offers a whole new bunch of weapons. There are a handful of different God Roll options for Unforgiven to make it the best Submachine Gun for you, but here’s what we think are the best perks. Here’s the PvP and PvE God Roll for Unforgiven in Destiny 2.

Unforgiven God Roll PvP Destiny 2

Submachine Guns are always a good pick for PvP, especially if you’re up close and personal. Because of that, you’ll want the Smallbore barrel paired with the Ricochet Rounds magazine. This combo is pretty common for the current meta in Destiny 2 because it is so effective. Smallbore will increase your stability and range while Ricochet Rounds will boost your range and stability as well as make your bullets bounce off of surfaces.

For the last two perks for Unforgiven, you’ll want to go with Tunnel Vision and Golden Tricorn. Tunnel Vision will give you a faster ADS speed and target acquisition after defeating an enemy and reloading. Golden Tricorn increases damage after final blows and, while active, will increase your melee and grenade damage if it’s the same damage type. If you’re rather, Steady Hands works as a great replacement for Tunnel Vision.

Unforgiven God Roll PvE Destiny 2

While Unforgiven is good in PvP, where it really shines in PvE. The Unforgiven PvE God Roll starts with Corkscrew Rifling and Flared Magwell. With Corkscrew Rifling, you get a slight increase to range, stability, and handling while Flared Magwell will give you a slight increase to stability and a great boost to reload speed. With this barrel and magazine combo, you’ve got a great base for a quick-paced rapid-firing monster machine.

The best perks for Unforgiven are gonna be Feeding Frenzy and Frenzy. These two perks work great together by making your stay in the fight a lot better. Feeding Frenzy progressively increases your reload speed with each rapid kill while Frenzy increases Unforgiven’s damage, handling, and reload speed the longer you are in combat. These two perks will ensure that you slay all your foes before they best you.

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Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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