All Duality Dungeon Secret Chest Locations in Destiny 2

The hunt for loot continues!

by Noah Nelson


The Duality Dungeon has officially released in Destiny 2 are there are secret chests to find and open. Like other chests found in Lost Sectors or throughout the world map, they are filled with Glimmer, Engrams, armor, and weapons. There is all new loot available only in the Duality Dungeon, which you’ll want to pay attention to.

There are only two secret chests in the Destiny 2 Duality Dungeon. These two chests can only be opened once per week and per character. Also, the only loot they will offer you is the loot that you’ve already come across in the dungeon. That means that if you’ve only found Stormchaser, the new Heavy Linear Fusion Rifle, then that’s the only item you’ll get when you open the chests in Duality. With that in mind, only open these chests after you’ve completed the Duality Dungeon a couple of times since by then you’ll have collected a good amount of loot.

Duality Secret Chest Location 1

The location of the first secret chest in the Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2 is in the room with the statues that need to be rotated which is after the first encounter. Before entering the Nightmare Realm, scan the outer ring of doors the likes of which you came through. The door with two columns in front of it will be slightly ajar. Within the room are many chests, but only one of them is lootable.

Duality Secret Chest Location 2

The second and last Duality secret chest is after the second encounter in the room with the massive box covered with a white cloth. This is right after the jumping challenge. Once there, jump below the box to the purple crystal floor. Here, you’ll find one of the twelve Repressed Memories and a small hallway underneath the walkway structure. The secret chest is there.

Though you won’t be rewarded with an impressive Triumph for collecting the secret chests in the Duality Dungeon in Destiny 2, you will guarantee yourself some great loot. However, the new Mind Heist Triumph is one that you will definitely want to get as early as possible if you’re looking to grind the Duality Dungeon. The Mind Heist guide can be found on our Destiny 2 guides page and will help you find all of the Repressed Memories needed to increase your chances at Heartshadow, the new exotic Sword.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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