Destiny 2: The Best Crown of Sorrow Upgrades to Choose

What are the best Crown of Sorrow upgrades to unlock?

by Noah Nelson


Crown of Sorrow is the new Season of the Haunted NPC in Destiny 2 that gives bounties, weapons, and upgrades. In order to maximize your time grinding Vestiges of Dread or increase your chances of getting the best guns of the season, you’ll want to pick the right Crown of Sorrow upgrades.

Best Crown of Sorrow Upgrades in Destiny 2

Located in H.E.L.M., the Crown of Sorrow is the NPC module that you’ll be visiting often. In order to get Crown of Sorrow upgrades, you’ll need Figments of Darkness. These can be collected by ranking up the Crown of Sorrow and by completing seasonal quests. Once you have Figments of Darkness, you’ll want to be smart on which upgrade you unlock in the Crown of Sorrow since there are three paths to choose from. The two things you’ll want to focus on are any upgrades that grant increased Vestiges of Dread or Deepsight Weapons.

Channeling Upgrades

The three upgrades in the Channeling row you’ll want to focus on are Opulent Deepsight, Focusing Deepsight, and Focusing Double Perk. It will take some time to unlock these upgrades since they require a number of unlocks before they are accessible, but these are the best Channeling upgrades at the Crown of Sorrow. Opulent Deepsight will give you a Deepsight modded weapon on the first Opulent Chest you open each week, Focusing Deepsight gives you a Deepsight modded weapon with the first Haunted or Opulent weapon you focus weekly, and Focusing Double Perk will give the first Haunted or Opulent weapon you focus an additional perk weekly.

Reaping Upgrades

The Reaping upgrades focus more on Vestiges of Dread. The ones to unlock are Vestiges of Dread Destination Materials, Vestiges of Dread Bounties, Vestige Capacity, and Vestige Core Ritual. Since Vestiges of Dread are the Season 17 currency, you’ll want as much as you can get. Destination Materials and Bounties will increase the number of Vestiges of Dread you get when picking up Petrified Egregore and completing Bounties on Derelict Leviathan.

Vestige Capacity will increase your Vestiges of Dread carrying capacity and the Vestige Core Ritual will give you Vestiges of Dread while doing any Vanguard, Gambit, or Crucible playlist. These are extremely good because the best rewards you’ll get this season will be from binding Vestiges of Dread during Nightmare Containment. Honestly, all of the Reaping upgrades are good, but these are the ones to prioritize.

Manifesting Upgrades

For the Manifesting upgrades, you’ll want to focus on Opulent Weapon Focusing and Umbral Binding. These two Crown of Sorrow upgrades will give you opportunities to get stronger Opulent weapons during Season of the Haunted. For more, check out our Destiny 2 guides.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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