All Royal Pools Opulent Key Chest Locations in Destiny 2

Here's where to find every Opulent Chest in the Royal Pools.

by Diego Perez


Season of the Haunted is here in Destiny 2, and players can open Opulent Chests aboard the Derelict Leviathan using Opulent Keys obtained from certain activities. There are multiple chests in each area, however, and the keys only give players vague hints as to where they need to go. The Royal Pools contains multiple Opulent Chests just like the Pleasure Gardens, but they can be difficulty to find.

There are three possible Opulent Key clues for the Royal Pools in Destiny 2, and each of them is listed below:

  • Royal Pools, where water used to fall
  • Royal Pools, at the feet of greatness
  • Royal Pools, among stately columns

The Royal Pools aren’t too hard to find aboard the Derelict Leviathan, but the exact locations hinted at in the descriptions of Opulent Keys can be tricky to work out. Here’s how to get every Royal Pools Opulent Chest in Destiny 2 Season of the Haunted.

How to Find the Royal Pools in Destiny 2

To begin, load into the Derelict Leviathan by selecting Castellum on the Moon. Once you arrive, continue straight and turn left at the first set of columns that you see. You can see the exact location in the screenshot below. Between these pillars is a door that leads directly to the Royal Pools.


You can ignore all of the enemies in the way, leaving them for the Guardians working on the Nightmare Containment activity. The hallway is long, but there’s no other way to go so you can’t get lost. Once you arrive in the Royal Pools, you can begin your search for the Opulent Chest you need.

Royal Pools, Where Water Used to Fall


The hint for the first chest reads “Royal Pools, where water used to fall.” This chest is located in the back left corner of the room next to some elevated square platforms. This area was used in the Leviathan raid during the launch window of Destiny 2, so veteran players will easily recognize this hint.

Royal Pools, at the Feet of Greatness


The second Opulent Chest hint says “Royal Pools, at the feet of greatness.” You can find this chest by heading straight as soon as you enter the Royal Pools. It’s sitting in a corner just outside the central room, and the “greatness” referred to in the hint is a statue of Calus.

“Royal Pools, Among Stately Columns”


The third chest hint reads “Royal Pools, among stately columns.” To reach it, continue past the Calus statue when you enter the Royal Pools and take the path along the right wall. You’ll reach an open door leading into a room on the right, and the chest is nestled against the back wall of that room.

The chests aren’t that hard to find since the Royal Pools is a small room without many hiding places, but to recap, here are all three Opulent Chest locations in the Royal Pools:

  • In the back left corner of the room
  • Near the Calus statue by the entrance
  • In the room to the right

These chests will reward you with Opulent weapons, which are some of the best Legendary weapons that can be acquired during Season of the Haunted.

How to Get More Opulent Keys

You can get Opulent Keys by participating in most of the new activities added in Season oof the Haunted aboard the Derelict Leviathan. These are the activities that reward Opulent Keys:

  • Destination Chests
  • Haunted Alcove Chests
  • Nightmare Containment Reward Chests

Remember that they’re rare items and only drop in the Derelict Leviathan, so you’re going to get very familiar with this new zone if you’re grinding for the new seasonal weapons.

Destiny 2 is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Google Stadia.

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