Destiny 2: How to Get the Jotunn Catalyst and What It Does

Obtaining the Jotunn Catalyst!

by Gordon Bicker


Destiny 2 has recently had the new season arrive to the experience and eager fans have been flocking to the scene with immense excitement as they begin to work their way through everything that it offers. Whether you are working your way through the Season Pass tiers or taking part in all of the new content for the game. There is even a new catalyst for Jotunn which you will no doubt be happy to hear about if you like utilizing that weapon. This guide article will take you through the process of how to get the Destiny 2 Jotunn catalyst and what it actually does.

How to Get the Catalyst For Jotunn In Destiny 2

In order to get the Jotunn Catalyst, you will have to have the weapon first and then you will be able to get it by completing playlists. For example, completing Crucible matches, Strikes, Nightfall, and Gambit. There will be a chance that it drops and it is based upon RNG so it’s time to hope for a bit of luck with drops!

You will have to be prepared to wait a little while to get the catalyst but it will be sure to arrive quickly over some time. It is definitely worth it for the Jotunn so you will be happy to acquire it when you can. Now you can add Jotunn back to your main list of weapons that you utilize. It should be noted you’ll need to defeat 500 enemies with Jotunn to unlock the catalyst for the weapon.

What the Jotunn Catalyst Does In Destiny 2

The catalyst is going to offer you a few bonuses. There are two main perks that are for the catalyst. Cornered will allow you to charge or draw Jotunn faster, a brilliant benefit for eliminating enemies quickly. This effect only happens when there are enemies surrounding you, however, Incandescent will cause fire/solar damage ‘Scorch’ to flow across enemies when you defeat them. Similar to a chain of lightning.

If the enemies are powerful and also if they are PVP enemy players, scorch will be activated with an even larger radius which is excellent. Time to get farming once again!

Destiny 2 is available now on PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Google Stadia, and PC.

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