COD: Warzone – Broken FAMAS Shotgun Loadout Guide

Get your hands on this weapon before they nerf it.

by Diego Perez


The latest Call of Duty: Warzone update buffed the FR 5.56, known by the community as the FAMAS, but the patch inadvertently transformed the weapon into an insane 1-shot killing machine. Infinity Ward wanted to give the often-overlooked assault rifle some improvements to range and damage, but those changes brought about unforeseen consequences. The 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun attachment seems to have received an absolutely crazy range buff that lets you kill fully-armored players in Warzone from ridiculous distances away.

Warzone FAMAS Underbarrel Shotgun Loadout

It really doesn’t matter what attachments you add to the FAMAS as long as you have the 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun equipped in the underbarrel attachment slot. This attachment is unlocked at weapon level 49, so you have to have some experience with the FR 5.56 in order to equip the underbarrel shotgun attachment. The rest of your loadout can be whatever you want (all you really need is this super broken shotgun attachment), but there are still some things you can put on the FAMAS to make it somewhat viable

  • Muzzle – Monolithic Suppressor
  • Barrel – FR 24.4″ Sniper
  • Rear Grip – Stippled Grip Tape
  • Underbarrel – 12-Gauge Deputy
  • Optic – Operator Reflex Sight

The reflex sight and other attachments make the FR 5.56 useful at range, but the real draw of this loadout is the 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun, which really elevates the FAMAS to another level.


Using the 12-Gauge Deputy with the FAMAS allows you to 1-shot kill pretty much anyone in your sights. You can even 1-shot fully armored players in Warzone, even at long range. Ammo will be your only concern, as the 12-Gauge Deputy underbarrel shotgun does not come with many shells. Each kill typically only takes one shot, but you’ll still need to keep an eye out for resupply opportunities to keep your FAMAS shotgun stocked up on ammo. Infinity Ward is aware of the FAMAS issue and is working on a fix though, so get out there and play like a degenerate while you still can.

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