Apex Legends Update 1.97 Patch Notes

Here are the Apex Legends 1.97 patch notes.

by Noah Nelson


Respawn officially launched the Apex Legends 1.97 patch on Tuesday, June 7. While this patch doesn’t include anything game-changing, there are a few necessary tweaks that players will be happy to see. So, without further adieu, let’s get right to the Apex Legends 1.97 patch notes.

Apex Legends 1.97 Patch Notes

Just like every new season on any live game, Season 13 of apex Legends brought some new bugs and glitches that needed to be ironed out. The main focus of patch 1.97 is to get rid of the biggest bugs and glitches that have been consistently pestering the game. This patch is available now and will be 1 GB.

Here are the official Apex Legends 1.97 patch notes from Respawn:

  • Improper Ranked rewards: the correct dive trails, holosprays, gun charms, and badges will start rolling out to players throughout the day.
  • IMC Armories exploits related to clipping through the roof, a mantling bug after teleporting in, and various script errors.
  • Fixing the occasional server-wide thud sound related to Newcastle’s ultimate.
  • Resolving next-gen Xbox audio distortion.
  • Various script errors.

Though we always want to see legend and gun balancing, mid-season patch notes usually deal only with bugs and glitches. It is great to see these improvements coming to the game as the IMC Armory one was getting out of hand and Xbox audio distortion has been a problem when playing cross-platform.

Season 13 is Apex Legends at its most crazy with 21 legends to choose from, new ways to level up in Ranked, and much more. For all of your Apex Legends needs, like how to pick your main or how to get crafting material quickly to get to the R-301 or the Rampage, check out our Apex Legends guides. Good luck out there Legends!

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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