How to Find Your Main in Apex Legends: What to Consider When Choosing a Legend

Which legend should you pick?

by Noah Nelson


Finding your main in Apex Legends has never been harder. We are currently on Season 13 and there are 21 legends to choose from. With so many options and all of them being viable options, it can be difficult picking who you want to main. So, without further adieu, this guide will help you choose your main in Apex Legends.

First off, there are consistent elements of Apex Legends to remember when picking a legend. By the nature of its movement and its gunplay, Apex Legends is a very fast game. In the Battle Royale mode (which this guide will primarily be considering), the ring constantly pushes everybody to move and attack each other to survive. That being said, Season 13 is seeing a big balance between defensive and offensive playstyles.

Also, before we start, I must reiterate that every legend is good. Picking your main comes down to how you perform with a legend not how high they rank on a tier list.

How to Find Your Main in Apex Legends

Defensive Legends

For a long time, defensive legends like Wattson and Rampart weren’t as viable or competitive as all of the offensive legends. Because the game is fast and the ring keeps moving, by the time defenses were made, they would quickly become useless to a faster team or an unpredictable ring. With Newcastle and the buff to Rampart, defensive legends are incredibly useful and doing extremely well in games.

If you like to play as a more defensive player, the best characters to try when figuring out your main are Wattson, Rampart, Caustic, Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Newcastle. If you are interested in locking down an area, check out Wattson, Rampart, and Caustic in particular. Their abilities work well together and are excellent at setting traps and keeping positioning.

Gibraltar, Lifeline, and Newcastle work more as support legends that have defensive abilities. They are all different but have a lot of similarities when it comes to reviving your team and providing support. To get a good sense of which legend fits your style, watch pros play them, play them all a couple of times, and read up on them.

Offensive Legends

Offensive legends have always dominated Apex Legends but can be tricky to master. Some of the offensive legends force you to rely on exceptional gunplay, so if you are confident in your shots, an offensive main might be the choice for you.

If you’re looking for the most aggressive playstyle to push teams and get kills, the main legends you want to try are Octane, Pathfinder, Horizon, and Mad Maggie. All of these legends have abilities that highlight movement, making them tricky to pin down which gives you the upper hand in fights. Whether it’s Octane’s stims and jump pad, Pathfinder’s grapple and zipline, Horizon’s gravity lift, or Mad Maggie’s wrecking ball and passive quick run with a shotgun, these legends are extremely fun to play and can push like no other.

If you’re looking for a more supportive aggressive legend, try playing Wraith, Revenant, Fuse, Bangalore, or Valkyrie. Valkyrie, Wraith, and Bangalore have abilities that can be used to escape tough scraps or push toward weak enemies. Revenant and Fuse have abilities that actively attack enemies. If you’re interested in abilities that turn very aggressive and active fights to your favor, these legends are great mains. Each of these legends helps out their team by being aggressive and consistent.

The last aggressive type is the hunters. For a while, the meta was dominated by scanning abilities. Because of that, many legends have some sort of passive ability to give them scanning information before or during fights. But, if you truly want to hunt down your enemies and attack with full force, you’ll want to try Bloodhound, Ash, or Seer. All of these legends have solid stalking abilities that give them the power to scan enemies which in turn gives your team invaluable information.

Niche Legends

Although all legends can be played offensively and defensively with some performing better in their “role” than others, there are a few legends that slip between the cracks and can be used for any situation. These legends have quirky abilities that are extremely useful but have so much variety in terms of playstyle. The two legends in this category are Loba and Mirage.

Loba works great as a support legend with her Black Market ultimate giving all players in her team good loot, but her jump drive allows her to push when needed. The Black Market can also be used as a trap for enemy players. All of Mirage’s abilities focus on creating decoys of himself, which again, can be used offensively or defensively. If you like strange abilities and unorthodox playstyles, these two legends might work as your main.

Good luck finding your main in Apex Legends! If you’re looking for more assistance, check out our Apex Legends guides on all things, from the best guns to seasonal news.

Apex Legends is available now on PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

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