Apex Legends Mobile: Is the Premium Pass Plus Worth It?

What does the Premium Pass Plus give you?

by Noah Nelson


Apex Legends Mobile is here and for the first time ever, a Premium Pass Plus can be purchased for the Battle Pass. One of the most popular Battle Royale games to date has finally come to mobile and it does introduce a lot of new things. For example, Apex Legends Mobile got an exclusive legend named Fade. Another new addition is the Premium Pass Plus. Here is everything you need to know about Premium Pass Plus to determine if it is worth it for you.

What is Premium Pass Plus in Apex Legends Mobile?

Just like the original game of Apex Legends, Apex Legends Mobile has launched with a Battle Pass. It works relatively the same way with a free path and a premium path. You earn EXP and level up by completing Daily, Weekly, and Seasonal Challenges and Missions. As you level up, you’ll earn unique cosmetics for legends and weapons as well as in-game currency. On the free track, the rewards you earn are more sporadic while the premium track earns you something with every level.

The Premium Pass Plus in Apex Legends Mobile is an upgrade to the Premium Pass. Syndicate Gold is one of the in-game currencies that you can buy with real money. On purchase, buying Syndicate Gold grants you Wraith and a legendary weapon cosmetic. The Premium Pass costs 799 Syndicate Gold which is roughly US$7.00 and the Premium Pass Plus costs 1599 Syndicate Gold which is roughly US$12.00. Since Syndicate Gold can only be purchased in select quantities, the cost isn’t a perfect measurement.

Now that you know that the Premium Pass Plus is the Premium Pass but upgraded, the specifics of the plus pass come down to three things. First, the Premium Pass Plus grants an 80% boost to Battle Pass EXP earned for the season. Second, the Premium Pass Plus gives you a season-exclusive Avatar Frame. Third, the pass instantly gives you 500,000 Battle Pass EXP which is enough to instantly be level 10 if you’re starting at level 1.

Is the Premium Pass Plus Worth It?

Whether you are new to Apex Legends Mobile or are just checking it out from the main game, the decision of whether or not the Premium Pass Plus is worth it is up to you. After playing the tutorial of Apex Legends Mobile, if you find yourself loving it, loving the legends, and wanting more out of the game, then buy the Premium Pass Plus. It will help you unlock characters quicker and will make all of your legends look as cool as they can. If that is worth it, then go for it. Also, check out our Apex Legends Mobile guides for more.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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