Apex Legends Mobile: How to Level up the Battle Pass Fast

Earn your way to some great rewards.

by Noah Nelson


Apex Legends Mobile has officially launched and it does include a Battle Pass. If you are unfamiliar with the concept, a Battle Pass is another avenue of leveling up and getting rewards such as in-game currency to buy legends like Fade or cool cosmetics. The Battle Pass is half the length of the Apex Legends Battle Pass coming in at 50 rewards. Like most Battle Passes in other games, the Apex Legends Mobile Battle Pass has a free track and a premium track. No matter what track you choose, here is how to level up the Battle Pass fast in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Level Up the Battle Pass Fast

As mentioned previously, there are two tracks in the Battle Pass. Every player can ascend the free Battle Pass track by leveling up, which is a level system separate from your account level which you’ll need to level up to unlock legends. The fastest way to level up the Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile is to complete Daily and Weekly Challenges.

The Daily and Weekly Challenges in Apex Legends are extremely similar to how they work in the main Apex Legends game. If you want to level your Battle Pass up fast, look at the Daily Challenges and complete them. They will update every 24 hours, so be sure to knock those out. The Daily Challenges can be anything to play a specific legend a number of times or get a certain amount of damage. The Weekly Challenges are a bit harder and will take more time. Both of these Challenges will give you EXP which is necessary for leveling up your Battle Pass.

The Battle Pass in Apex Legends Mobile has a Premium Pass and a Premium Pass Plus option. The Premium Pass unlocks item rewards, legendary weapon skins, and legendary legend skins. There are rewards that will be rewarded as soon as you buy the Premium Pass, but buying the pass will give you both premium rewards and free rewards as you level up the Battle Pass. The Premium Pass is 799 Syndicate Gold which is about US$7.00 and the Premium Pass Plus is 1599 Syndicate Gold which is about US$12.00.

What Does the Premium Pass Plus Do?

The Premium Pass Plus gives you everything the Premium Pass does, but grants an extra 80% Battle Pass EXP boost. On purchase, you’ll also earn a season-exclusive Avatar Frame and will instantly increase 10 levels.

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Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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