Apex Legends Mobile: How to Unlock Every Character

Here's how to unlock every legend.

by Noah Nelson


Apex Legends Mobile is finally here but all the legends aren’t available from the jump of the dropship. Apex Legends currently has 21 legends with Newcastle joining in Season 13, but Apex Legends Mobile will only have 10 legends. Here is how to unlock all 10 characters in Apex Legends Mobile.

How to Unlock All Legends in Apex Legends Mobile

There are two ways to unlock legends in Apex Legends Mobile: by leveling up or by purchasing them with Syndicate Gold. The first and only legend available at the start of the game is Bloodhound. Syndicate Gold can be purchased with real money or earned through leveling up the Battle Pass. Leveling up in general and leveling up the Battle Pass are different things: the Battle Pass is seasonal and your account level is forever.

To level up your account, all you need to do is survive in games, get knockdowns and kills, and win matches. If you do that, you’ll earn all of the characters in Apex Legends Mobile in no time. Here is every legend you will unlock as you level up:

  • Bloodhound – Unlocked from the start
  • Bangalore – Unlocked at Level 2
  • Lifeline – Unlocked at Level 3
  • Pathfinder – Unlocked at Level 4
  • Gibraltar – Unlocked at Level 5
  • Wraith – Unlocked at Level 14
  • Octane – Can be Purchased for 700 Syndicate Gold
  • Mirage – Can be Purchased for 700 Syndicate Gold
  • Caustic – Unlocked via the Battle Pass at Level 25 as a Free Reward

How to Unlock Fade

Unlike the legends above, Fade is the newest mobile-exclusive legend in Apex Legends. His abilities are extremely cool and focus on time. His tactical allows him to rewind time which can help you get the jump on pursuing enemies and his ultimate is a bomb that sends everybody within it to the void for a period of time.

To unlock him, you’ll need to level up your Battle Pass. To do that, complete the Daily and Weekly Challenges. Unsurprisingly, the Battle Pass is split between a free and paid version. If you go the free route, you’ll earn enough Fade Pieces (the currency for unlocking Fade) at Battle Pass level 25. You’ll also unlock Caustic at Battle Pass Level 25 and possibly have enough Syndicate Gold to purchase Octane or Mirage.

And that is how to unlock all 10 characters in Apex Legends Mobile. If you’re interested in more Apex Legends Mobile content or are interested in the main Apex Legends game, be sure to check out our Apex Legends guides. We cover everything from character rankings, seasonal changes, winning strategies, and more.

Apex Legends Mobile is available on iOS and Android.

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