Apex Legends Mobile – Does it Have Crossplay, Does Progression Carry Over?

Apex Legends Mobile is going to be a self-contained experience.

by Chris Park


Apex Legends Mobile is set to arrive in just hours for many players around the globe, and it’s instantly going to have a ton of fans ready to play the game on the go.  So if you’ve already put a ton of time into the standard console and PC versions of the game, is that progression going to carry over or can you play with players on those platforms.  This quick guide will explain whether there’s crossplay or cross progression in Apex Legends Mobile.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Crossplay

No, Apex Legends Mobile does not have cross play.  When you play this version of the game you will only be playing against other Apex Legends Mobile players so need to wonder whether you can do this or not as it sounds like the game is a complete stand alone and unique Apex Legends experience.

Does Apex Legends Mobile Have Cross Progression

No, Apex Legends Mobile does not have cross progression.  The progress that you make in the Apex Legends Mobile game will be completely separate from what you have earned in the console or PC versions of the game.  This version of Apex Legends will feature a unique Battle Pass, cosmetics and unlockables that are unique to what is currently on the PC and console version of the game.

Apex Legends Mobile is due to arrive worldwide on May 17th, 2022 but the developers say that the times will vary depending on the region and platform for the game.   Both the Android and Apple versions of Apex Legends mobile will have unique requirements to play the game which can be found on the Apex Legends Mobile FAQ page.

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