Apex Legends IMC Armories Explained: How to Beat Spectres and Get Loot

Everything you need to know about the new PVE zones in Apex Legends.

by Diego Perez


IMC Armories have been added to the Storm Point map in Apex Legends with the launch of Season 13: Saviors, and players can take on waves of AI-controlled enemies in these facilities for a chance to earn powerful loot. Apex Legends has experimented with AI enemies in the past, an obvious nod to the series’ Titanfall-based history, but now the PVE experience is a core part of the game, at least on Storm Point. These are going to be highly contested zones throughout the entire season, so here’s everything you need to know about the new IMC Armories in Apex Legends before you visit them.

What Are IMC Armories in Apex Legends?

IMC Armories are new additions to the Storm Point map in Season 13. They’ve been resting dormant underground, but seismic activity from the new Downed Beast POI has caused them to resurface. They contain large groups of AI-controlled Spectres which can be defeated to earn great loot. These locations reward smart loot as well, so the rewards will be catered to your loadout. You’ll get better rewards if you take out more enemies, too.

Where to Find IMC Armories

IMC Armories are located at four strategic locations around the Storm Point map. Here are all four locations where you can find them:

  • Northwest: Between North Pad and The Wall
  • Southwest: Between The Mill and Cenote Cave
  • Southeast: Between Gale Station and Fish Farms
  • Northeast: To the east of Thunder Watch

IMC Armories are marked on the map with a white chest icon. All four IMC Armories are identical to one another, so just take your pick between them based on the circle and your favorite drop zones. They can only be found on Storm Point though, so other maps won’t have them.

What Kind of Loot Do IMC Armories Have?

IMC Armories have smart loot, so the rewards you receive will be dependent on your current loadout. The rarity and power of the loot that you receive will depend on how many AI Spectures your squad is able to eliminate as well.


Once you approach an IMC Armory, the ramp will automatically open to provide access to the interior. Inside, there’s a payload of weapons and a button to activate the encounter. Once you press the button, the door will close and you’ll be locked inside for 60 seconds as waves of Spectres begin to attack. After you finish the 60-second survival encounter, you can eject into the sky or just exit through the front entrance.

Remember that the door doesn’t close until you press the button to start the encounter, so keep an eye out for enemy squads attempting to steal the armory’s loot for themselves. These are going to be very popular drop zones throughout Season 13, especially since they reward smart loot. In the meantime, maybe check out the new Downed Beast POI or just work on leveling up your Season 13 Battle Pass.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and Nintendo Switch.

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