Apex Legends Newcastle Leak: Abilities, Lore Release Date, and More

It's just some new castle, what's the big deal?

by J.T. Isenhour


It seems that Apex Legends has a leak every season and season 13 is no different. It all began with a name, Newcastle, and from there a simple leak sent the Apex Legends community into a frenzy. The first hint we got about the new legend came from the Korean translation of some dialogue in Apex Legends’ most recent challenge. In the dialogue, the name of one of the characters talking is translated to Newcastle. Once this information was discovered a new leak happened that covered all of the abilities that Newcastle has, let’s go over them.

Newcastle’s abilities in Apex Legends

Newcastle is going to make an interesting addition to the Apex Legends cast as they are a supportive character that seems to be focused on resurrecting your teammates and providing them cover in a fight. Their passive is called “Retrieve The Wounded”, it allows Newcastle to drag your teammates as you revive them and provide a shield to take cover behind while you revive.  Players that remember the Lifeline revive shield will know that this can be quite the strong ability and hopefully won’t be in Apex Legends Mobile. However, it is unknown at the moment how much health the shield will have or if it will be invincible. Based on Lifeline in the past, it doesn’t seem likely that it will be invincible.


Newcastle’s tactical ability is called ” Mobile Shield” and is pretty self-explanatory. Using the ability will cause you to throw a drone in front of you that will then project a shield out from in front of itself. You can move the drone around while it’s active to reposition the shield. You cannot shoot through the shield but you can see through it. So you can still line up shots before you peek out from behind it. Just know that enemies can do the same.

Newcastle’s ultimate is called “Castle Wall”, it has you leaping forward and placing down a little bunker wall for you and your team to hide behind. The walls are made up of three standing height sections with little holes in the top to see through and crouch height walls connecting the standing height sections. These walls cannot be shoot through, but similar to Ramparts barricades, do have a health bar and can be destroyed with enough fire.


All of Newcastle’s kit seems to be a strong addition to the cast of Apex Legends and a great new option for supportive players to use. Their ult especially seems great for allowing you to provide cover for your team if you are caught out in the open. It seems like we will have to wait until the release of the new season to find out how powerful Newcastle is in the meta but hopefully, he isn’t a must-pick like Lifeline was before her nerfs. If you need any more help with Apex Legends make sure to check out our other guides.

Apex Legends is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and mobile devices soon.

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