Apex Legends Defiance Update – Season 12 Prestige Skins, Finishers & More

With so much coming, here is everything to expect in Apex Legends Defiance Season 12.

by Noah Nelson


Defiance, the new season of Apex Legends, received a grand reveal today. With a brand new legend, new limited-time mode, new battle pass, and Sabotaged Olympus, there is a lot we are getting with Apex Legends Season 12. Let’s get into it.

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Apex Legends Defiance Season 12

First up, we are getting a brand new legend. Her name is Mad Maggie and she has many tie-ins with Fuse. It is yet to be revealed exactly what her kit included, but she is an assault legend. She has what looks like a grenade that deals damage in the front and back of the wall it attaches to. Her ultimate looks like a big bounce ball of death. We’ll update you when we get more details.

Control Game Mode and Battle Pass

Arguably, the most exciting thing to come with Season 12 is the new limited-time mode called Control. What is crazy about it is it will be a 9v9 all-out frenzy. It is unclear as of yet if the whole team of 9 can be one legend, like a team of 9 Revenants. The actual mode is similar to other Control modes you may have played: there are three zones to control and you get points the longer you hold them.

The Battle Pass, like always, will bring new legend and weapon skins along with so much more. As news comes out, we’ll inform you on exactly what you can expect from it, but for now, get excited.

Three-Year Anniversary Rewards

During Season 12, Apex Legends will see Three-Year Anniversary rewards on top of all the crazy new Defiance updates. The following legends will be unlocked for free just by logging in:

  • Feb. 8-15 – Octane and 3 Thematic Packs
  • Feb. 15-22 – Wattson and 3 Thematic Packs
  • Feb. 22-March 1 – Valkyrie, 3 Thematic Packs, and 1 Legendary Pack

Apex Legends Defiance is featuring a lot of returning favorite skins from seasons past. With the Three-Year Collection, some of the best-looking skins will be back for the entire season. Be sure to check it out and get the exact one you want.

Olympus will be back in rotation and will feature teleporting buildings and objects. Apex Legends Defiance is set to come out on February 8. Check back in to see the exact time, what Mad Maggie’s abilities are, and more.

Apex Legends is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.

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