Apex Legends Season 11: Start Date, Time, Map Changes, and More Details

Season 11 makes its stand...

by Gordon Bicker


Apex Legends has been preparing for the launch of the greatly anticipated Season 11 launch which will include a new Legend by the name of Ash, map changes, and additional changes to the game’s experience. Apex Legends has a lot to gear up for with the latest season. This guide article will take you over all of the major changes arriving with the latest Apex Legends Season 11 that will bring new exciting paths of opportunity for the game.

Apex Legends Season 11 Release Date

The season itself known as ‘Escape’ will launch on November the 2nd for every Apex Legends player. Respawn Entertainment has also mentioned that the full Season 11 reveal trailer will release on October 21st which is a day from the time of writing, there will be needless to say a lot of information on hand about the upcoming season.

In regards to timings, there has been speculation that this season will last until February 2022 given previous Season track records. The season itself will offer players the regular battle pass, and a new ranked split, among many other new additions. This Season takes on a prominent Titanfall franchise inspiration.


New Potential Map ‘Outlands’ and a New Weapon

Respawn is furthermore hinting at either a brand new map potentially named ‘Outlands’ or a map overhaul as a whole. Rumours were circulating around a new tropical map. A full new map would certainly bring a new layer of freshness to the experience and it will be a thrill to see the outcome of the map changes whatever they may indeed be.

Notably, the images of the (potentially) leaked map indicate a wide and diverse range of flora and fauna on offer for players.

There will also be a new weapon included with the new season which will be coming over from both the Titanfall games and named the ‘C.A.R.’ SMG. The SMG itself will provide players with a likely fast and snappy action and fire rate allowing for excellent accuracy or damage when in close-quarters situations.

New Season 11 Legend — Ash

Along with the new map and weapons, there will also be another Legend joining the roster of characters already featured. Ash, known before as Dr. Ashleigh Reid was a human scientist that then took on the role of Ash, the cyborg. Fans of Titanfall will be familiar with Ash due to the fact that she was a boss in the game affiliated with Vinson Dynamics where she was rebuilt.

Her abilities have not been officially revealed yet but datamine leaks from members of the community appeared to point to the following abilities. Firstly, there is a rumour of a tactical ability that acts as an AOE effect ensuring those within its grasp take more damage. The Ultimate ability on the other hand is believed to be named ‘Phase Shift’ and would take on the form of apparent ‘portal jumping’ but this is all still rumours.

Will you be playing the new season in Apex Legends?

Apex Legends is available now on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and PC through either Origin and/or Steam.

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