Apex Legends: How to Play Shadow Royale LTM

by Noah Nelson


The Halloween season is finally upon us, and with it comes the return of the fan-favorite limited-time mode Apex Legends Shadow Royale. Respawn is hard at work to deliver spooky skins, new holosprays, and a new map to Arenas with this year’s Halloween event. Without further spoilers, let’s get into it.

How to Play Shadow Royale in Apex Legends

In order to play the Shadow Royale LTM, all you have to do is wait for the event to come out on Tuesday, October 26, and select it in the game modes. Although some players are receiving Shadow Royal event challenges already, that is just a glitch that will hopefully be sorted out soon. Shadow Royale will show up as its own specific game mode, so the normal Battle Royale and Arenas will still be available.

Apex Legends Monsters Within Event Details

Starting today, the Halloween Apex Legends Event “Monsters Within” begins. With each week remaining in October, there will be a corresponding reward track. One of the most exciting rewards is in the final week of the event with the last reward on the tracker being a Loba Monsters skin. Other spine-chilling skins will be introduced for Legends like Revenant, Caustic, and Seer. There’s also promised to be more than forty Monsters Within-themed items available to players, whether that be new banners, animations, or quips.

Something fans are especially excited for with the Monsters Within event is the addition of the new Arenas map Encore. This map has been confirmed to be a part of Boreas, Seer’s home planet. Though not likely part of the new rumored map, Tropic Island, set to release in Season 11, Encore will undoubtedly be a battleground lush with new opportunities to destroy your enemies, especially in the Shadow Royale LTM event.

It’s only fitting that Revenant, Apex Legend’s resident horror machine, takes charge in the Shadow Royale LTM. To shake things up in the Apex games, a version of Revanent’s “Death Totem” ability will be applied to all Legends in Shadow Royale. What that means is that when you or a teammate dies, you will respawn in Shadow Form. In this form, you will have infinite lives. The trick is as long as one of your squadmates is alive, you’ll remain in the game. The second your squad is fully wiped of non-Shadow Formed players, you lose.

With that said, make sure to guard your living friends as you stalk your foes in Shadow Form. Also, to make things extra spooktacular, Shadow Royale will usher in a “Night Mode” variant of any of the three maps in circulation. This event will take place in the last week of October, starting on October 26, and continue until November 2, which is when the Monsters Within event will end as well.

Right as the success of Monsters Within and Shadow Royale begins to wrap up, Apex Legends Season 11 will kick off on November 2. This new season will, of course, feature a new legend, who, based on the leaks and rumors, could be “Ash,” Titanfall 2 character and Apex Arenas announcer. New Legend, weapon, and character buffs and nerfs aside, what’s especially exciting about Season 11 is the prospect of the new map, Tropic Island. With more information soon to come, get the scoop here.

Apex Legends is available on Playstation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Microsoft Windows, Android, and iOS.

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