How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Here's how to breed frogs in Minecraft.

by Noah Nelson


Frogs are finally in Minecraft! As a frog lover myself, seeing frogs enter the game with the Minecraft Wild update is a dream come true. And just like how people have created entire families of dogs with puppies running around the house, you can also breed frogs. Now your home can be filled with dozens of hopping, slimy, croaking, adorable froggies! Here’s how to breed frogs in Minecraft.

How to Breed Frogs in Minecraft

Breeding frogs in Minecraft is relatively easy— all you need is a slimeball. Fittingly, slimeballs are dropped by Slimes which are found in the Swamp biome. Also, having a boat during all of this will make things easier. Once you have a slimeball, all you need to do is find two frogs and throw your slimeball at them.

After they breed, the female frog will lay her eggs at the nearest water tile. These eggs are fragile and will float at the top of the water like lilypads. After some time, tadpoles, which are the first form of frogs, will hatch from the eggs. These tadpoles can be picked up and transported with a bucket. Over time, the tadpoles will turn into frogs that you can keep as pets.

Where to Find Frogs

There are three types of frogs and it all depends on where you find them. The three frog types are Warm, which is an orange-colored frog, cold, Temperate, which is a classic green-colored frog, and Cold, which is a white-colored frog. Though frogs only spawn in Swamps, if you take a tadpole to a different biome, they will match the color of the biome. Here are the different biomes with their frog variant type:

  • Warm
      • Jungle
      • Bamboo Jungle
      • Sparse Jungle
      • Badlands
      • Eroded Badlands
      • Wooded Badlands
      • Desert
      • Savanna
      • Savanna Plateau
      • Windswept Savanna
      • Warm Ocean
      • Deep Lukewarm Ocean
      • Mangrove Swamp
      • Basalt Deltas
      • Crimson Forest
      • Nether Wastes
      • Soul Sand Valley
      • Warped Forest
      • Stony Peaks‌
      • Lukewarm Ocean‌
  • Temperate
      • River
      • Beach
      • Taiga
      • Old Growth Pine Taiga
      • Old Growth Spruce Taiga
      • Birch Forest
      • Old Growth Birch Forest
      • Dark Forest
      • Forest
      • Flower Forest
      • Mushroom Fields
      • Meadow
      • Plains
      • Sunflower Plains
      • Swamp
      • Windswept Hills
      • Windswept Gravelly Hills
      • Windswept Forest
      • Ocean
      • Dripstone Caves
      • Lush Caves
      • Stony Peaks‌
      • Cold Ocean‌
      • Deep Cold Ocean‌
      • Lukewarm Ocean‌
      • Deep Lukewarm Ocean‌
      • The Void‌
      • Deep Dark‌
  • Cold
      • Frozen River
      • Snowy Beach
      • Grove
      • Frozen Peaks
      • Jagged Peaks
      • Snowy Plains
      • Ice Spikes
      • Snowy Slopes
      • Snowy Taiga
      • Frozen Ocean
      • Deep Frozen Ocean
      • The End
      • Deep Dark‌
      • End Barrens‌
      • End Highlands‌
      • End Midlands‌
      • Small End Islands‌
      • Cold Ocean‌
      • Deep Cold Ocean‌

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Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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