Minecraft The Wild Update Release Date: When Does Version 1.19 Release for Java and Bedrock?

The Wild update adds new blocks, biomes, and a terrifying new mob.

by Diego Perez


The Wild Update for Minecraft finally has a solid release date, and both Java and Bedrock players will get to experience Version 1.19 very soon. The Wild Update, or Version 1.19, is one of the most highly-anticipated updates ever for Minecraft, even more than the recent Caves & Cliffs update. While Caves & Cliffs focused on adding more verticality to the blocky world of Minecraft, The Wild Update will drastically overhaul the Overworld with new biomes and mobs.

What is The Wild Update?

The spooky Deep Dark biome can now be found underground in this update, and it’s home to the terrifying Warden, a blind mob that can kill you in just a few hits. You’ll have to be sneaky to avoid it, so watch out for the new Shrieker block!

If you’re not a horror fan, then you can explore the new Mangrove Swamp biome on the surface. This new biome contains mangrove trees and mud blocks along with the new friendly frog mob!

If all this sounds exciting, then you thankfully don’t have to wait too long to jump into The Wild Update. Here’s when you can download Version 1.19 of Minecraft on Java and Bedrock and experience all the new features in The Wild Update.

Minecraft Version 1.19 Release Date

Minecraft Version 1.19 will be released on Tuesday, June 7 for both the Java and Bedrock versions of the game. Minecraft updates tend to release at 10:00 AM PT/1:00 PM ET, so you should be able to download The Wild Update early in the day. This is the release date and time for all versions of the game, so you can install Version 1.19 on both consoles and PC when the patch becomes available, regardless of your preference between Java and Bedrock.

If you’d like to test out some of the new additions early, then you can install the latest Minecraft snapshot update on PC if you own the Java version. This doesn’t include the full set of features, but you can already play around with some of the new blocks and items ahead of the full release if you’re curious.


Every New Feature in The Wild Update

The Wild Update will add a ton of new features, blocks, and mobs to Minecraft. Here’s everything that is getting added in Minecraft Version 1.19:

  • New Biomes
    • Deep Dark
    • Mangrove Swamp
  • New Structures
    • Ancient City (Deep Dark)
  • New Enchantment
    • Swift Sneak
  • New Mobs
    • Warden
    • Frog
    • Tadpole
    • Frogspawn
    • Allay
  • New Blocks
    • Mud
    • Packed Mud
    • Sculk
    • Sculk Shrieker
    • Sculk Catalyst
    • Skulk Vein
    • Froglight
    • Mangrove Log
    • Mangrove Planks
    • Mangrove Leaves
    • Mangrove Roots
    • Mangrove Propagule (Sapling)
  • New Items 
    • Boat With a Chest
    • Mangrove Boat
    • Recovery Compass
    • Music Disc 5
    • Goat Horn
    • Echo Shards
    • Bucket of Tadpole
    • 4 New Spawn Eggs


Deep Dark Biome Explained

The two new biomes are the highlight of The Wild Update. The Deep Dark biome can be found deep underground. There, you can find the Warden, a deadly new mob that can kill an armored player in a few hits. It can’t see though, so you can sneak by it as long as you don’t alert a Sculk Shrieker, which makes loud noises.

You can find the new Sculk blocks in this biome using a Silk Touch pickaxe, however, so it’s worth a visit. The Deep Dark biome is also home to Ancient Cities, a new type of structure that contains the new Swift Sneak enchantment, rare Echo Shards that are used to craft the new Recovery Compass, and other rare loot if you’re brave enough to venture that deep.

Mangrove Swamps and Frogs

The Mangrove Swamp biome is not nearly as scary, home to the new Frog mobs, Mangrove Trees, and Mud Blocks. Frogs have three stages of growth, beginning as Frogspawn before turning into Tadpoles and finally Frogs. If a Frog hits a Magma Block, it creates a new light source called a Froglight Block, which could replace Glowstone in your fancy house builds.


Allay Mob Explained

Finally, the Allay mob finally joins Minecraft in Version 1.19. This mob won the most recent Minecraft Live mob vote, and it can be found in Pillager Outposts or Woodland Mansions. You can give an Allay a block or an item and it will follow you around, bringing you more blocks or items of that type. It’s handy for collecting any drops you might miss when mining or adventuring. The release of The Wild Update is right around the corner, so Minecraft players won’t have to wait long to test out all these new mobs and features in Version 1.19.

Minecraft is available now on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices.

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