Minecraft PE Cheat and Console Commands List

Create your ideal world in Minecraft PE with these cheats.

by Chris Park


Minecraft is a massive game filled with plenty of game modes, beautiful worlds with a day night cycle, and wonderful creatures and items to find.   Finding said items and enjoying the world can be challenging at times and sometimes it just makes sense to want to cheat the system by using console commands.  Console Commands in Minecraft are a cheat more or less, the allow you to do things like instantly change the game world by dictating the time of day, weather, or creatures that inhabit it.

Minecraft PE Cheat Console Commands are pretty easy to use.  You simply need to know the commands to tell the game and you can do just about anything that you desire.  Using the list below you can do things like change the Game Mode on the fly, set the time of day, set the weather, or manage players on your Minecraft Server.

Read on to learn all of the Minecraft PE Commands and how to use them.

How to Use Minecraft PE Commands

First and foremost, To enable commands you need to have the Cheat Option selected in the Game Options.

To enter a command in Minecraft PE you need to top on the Chat Button at the top of the screen.  Then you need to type the command that you want to use.  There are many different commands that you can use, read on to find the list of commands to use in Minecraft.  All commands will start by /  and then the rest of the command will follow.

Depending on the command, you may need to set a variable like an entity, item, time of day, or duration.

Switch Game Mode Commands

Switch Game Mode Commands allow you to switch game modes between Creative, Survival, and Adventure Modes.

Game Mode Commands List Command
Switch to Creative Mode /gamemode c
Switch to Survival Mode /gamemode s
Switch to Adventure Mode /gamemode a

Set Time Commands

Set Time Commands allow you to set the time in Minecraft.  You can choose Day, Night, Sunrise, Sunset, Noon, and Midnight as the time of day.

Set Time Commands List Command
Set Time to Day /time set day
Set Time to Night /time set night
Set Time to Sunrise /time set sunrise
Set Time to Noon /time set noon
Set Time to Sunset /time set sunset
Set Time to Midnight /time set midnight

Set Weather Commands

Set Weather Commands allow you to set different weather in Minecraft.  You can make it rain, snow, thunder, or you can have the weather be clear.

Set Weather Commands List Command
Set Weather to Clear /weather clear [duration]
Set Weather to Rain /weather rain [duration]
Set Weather to Snow /weather snow [duration]
Set Weather to Thunder /weather thunder [duration]

Server Commands

Server Commands allow you to control the players in your Minecraft instance

Server Commands List Command
How to Deop /deop
How to List /list
How to op /op

How to Use Fill Commands

Fill Commands in Minecraft allow you to replace one element with another.  In these commands you can replace water with air OR replace lava with air.

Fill Commands List Command
How to Fill Replace Water with Air /fill air 0 replace water
How to Fill Replace Lava with Air /fill air 0 replace lava

How to Give Commands

Give Commands allow you to give items to other players.  This includes any item.  In the second example you would need to change the word “item” to the item that you want to give.

Give Commands List Command
How to Give Saddle /give saddle [amount]
How to Give Items /give item [amount]

How to Summon Commands

Summon Commands allow you to summon different entities in Minecraft.  You can select a number of different summons in Minecraft.  In the second example below you would need to change “creature” to the character you want to summon.

Summon Commands List Command
How to Summon Axolotl /summon axolotl [spawnPos]
How to Summon Anthing /summon creature [spawnPos]

And that’s all you need to know about Console Command Cheats in Minecraft PE Edition.

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