Minecraft Axolotl Guide: How to Breed and Capture

Happy hunting for these little amphibians

by Caleb Stultz


Minecraft players who are looking for the newest creatures in the game to bring into their aquariums or zoos in their Minecraft worlds will need to know how to find axolotls and how to breed and capture them. The 1.17 Minecraft update introduced the little creature for players to enjoy. Axolotls can always be found swimming around waiting to be discovered. Here is how to breed and capture axolotls in Minecraft.

How to Find Axolotls in Minecraft

Finding Axolotls is every player’s first task in capturing them and breeding them in Minecraft. The axolotl is considered an aquatic cave animal, which means they only spawn in total darkness (light level zero) in caves. There must also be a roof over their head, like a natural cave top, for these little amphibians to be discovered. Axolotls are also found anywhere below Y-level 63.

How to Breed and Capture Axolotls in Minecraft

To capture an axolotl to create your own little aquarium in Minecraft, you must get a bucket to scoop them up. While one is swimming, take the axolotl in a bucket to carry around with you. Once you have found a home for it to stay, dump the axolotl out of your bucket.

To breed axolotls, you will need to give them a bucket of tropical fish. This will activate their “love mode” with hearts over their heads. After both axolotl breed, you will get a baby axolotl which takes 20 minutes to grow into a full-grown axolotl.

So, what can you do with your new underwater friends? Well, if you are underwater or you are fishing and an underwater mob attacks you, you can release your axolotl out of the water bucket and have it attack the enemy.

And that is how to breed and capture axolotls in Minecraft. For more guides, check out our guides and the latest news on Minecraft.

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